Christine Savage, Tahoe-based snowboarder and co-founder of Beyond the Boundaries, hit the bull’s eye when she described the reason behind this year’s snowboard test. “There are so many different options of boards available for women right now, whether that’s shape, flex, camber, and it can be a little bit overwhelming with just an abundance of choice,” she said. “It’s really cool to see what options are out there and how many rad boards are being made right now.”

Among all of the choices, it can be a challenge to select a single snowboard for the winter–or multiple winters. While a quiver is nice, it’s not always a realistic option depending on your winter plans, your location, what you like to ride, and of course, your budget. What we all do need, though, is a board that we can rely on day-in and day-out. A board that is equal parts fun and performance–whatever we each demand in those two qualities–that we know we’ll have a good time on, no matter the terrain or conditions. Those magical, favorite boards are our daily drivers.

So with this year’s women’s board test, we sought out those do-it-all and do-it-all-well snowboards. The decks that excel from hardpack mornings to slushy afternoons, for top-to-bottom runs and park laps, and that can handle–or even excel–when there’s a storm. While yes, even the best quiver killer boards may give up a little in some departments for excellence in others, there are quite a few snowboards on the market nowadays that are really great for handling just about anything.

So, with the goal in mind of sussing out some high-quality daily drivers, our team of testers was set loose on Mammoth Mountain. What were their favorites? Stay tuned over the next month as we release videos of the our crew’s six favorite snowboards from Arbor, Burton, Never Summer, Ride, Rome, and Salomon. Stay tuned our YouTube and @snowboardmag to see which were selected as the best 2024 daily driver snowboards.

We hope the thoughts and findings of the 2024 testing crew are helpful for riders searching for a snowboard for winter that can do it all–and do it all well.