A snowboard’s camber is all about transferring energy, and nothing does it quite like Never Summer’s Triple Camber profiles. 

What in the world is triple camber? Here’s what it looks like. 

A small, positive cambered pocket at the waist of the board serves as a nucleus of energy. On either side of the waist is a reverse camber section, neighbored by another positive camber section under foot, which drives rider input out to the contact points at the tip and tail. With the exception of their Recurve Triple Camber, all of Never Summer’s triple camber offerings retain an overall reverse cambered profile, for a catch-free feel.

Built-in pressability, with lots of energy.

Just like on Never Summer’s traditional Rocker Camber profiles, Triple Camber boards yaw easily, giving them a nimble, easy to maneuver character while flat-based at lower speeds. You’ll find easy initial pressability, and once the positive camber sections start engaging, they begin exponentially adding energy into the board. This is extremely helpful and noticeable on firm landings to help keep you centered, and the board under your feet. 

The pop out of any of Never Summer’s triple camber decks is explosive, as well. Once you load the tail, prepare for air.

When angled up on edge, Never Summer’s Triple Camber achieves full-length edge contact with the snow.

Aside from the core’s energy and stability, as the board flexes through a turn, the three camber sections form additional edge contact points which produce an incredible edge hold. Even on a park board like the twin-tip Easy Rider, it holds an edge like an aggressive free ride board, even on firm hardpack. 

Never Summer’s Triple Camber is powerful, and carves like you’re on railroad tracks, just like riding a bullet train.

The Valhalla: cruise missile.