Think about the most popular cars in the United States today. Ford’s F-150 truck, Toyota’s Rav4, the Chevrolet Silverado…all in the top ten the past few years. They have totally different bodies and highlights, but they all have a few things in common: They come in multiple colors, have pretty large fan bases, and are all offered in a premium choice that takes the base model up a few notches. The same can be said for the top-selling snowboard boot, as well.

According to industry-recognized metrics, the most popular boot model by sales in North America right now is the Ride Lasso. The workhouse has been in the line for years and season after season, is consistently updated with the latest tech from Ride. With four colorways to choose from and a premium model, the Lasso Pro for those who want to drive a Lexus instead of a Toyota, the best-selling boot just keeps getting better and better.

With the 2024 iteration of the Lasso featuring the single BOA and Tongue Tied lacing systems, two dials are all you need to keep your foot secure and comfortable while riding all day. Paired with the patented Ride Closer system, you avoid pinch points with an even, tight feel wrapping over the center of the foot.

Snowboard Mag gear editor Mike Basher dove into the details that make the Ride Lasso a long-time favorite (meaning he cut the boots up to get some insider info). Check out the What’s the Deal? above and a few still shots below to get the full breakdown.

The Lasso, one of four colorways. Low profile, solid traction, medium flex for a little more give.
The Closer. Centered over the tongue to keep it comfy. Hate heel lift? This boot is for you. With the full Boa system and Ride’s tech (Tongue Tied™ + more), you will be snug until you pop ’em for apres.
Support and comfort begins in the sole, midsole, and foot bed.
You ever see the inside of a BOA? The ultimate in convenience and micro adjustability, the BOA system lets you dial things in juuuuuust right.