APO releases new dual entry bindings

October 15, 2013 – After three years of R&D, APO is excited to announce the release of the new, improved and patented Dual snowboard binding. Snowboarders now have the ability to seamlessly transition from lift to slope without the need to sit down.  This new generation is even easier to use, with a feather light feel, bulletproof construction and an unmatched level of tool-less personal settings that make these the most advanced bindings on the market.

“This will change snowboarding forever,” stated APO founder Regis Rolland. “No longer does a rider need to sit down after each lift. The new APO Dual binding is a natural evolution of the sport making it more appealing for all levels of riders.”

In 2003, APO’s founder Regis Rolland believed he could make a snowboard binding much faster and easier to use, one that all riders would enjoy using and could perform at the highest levels.  This idea led him to develop the Dual, a binding that allows riders to strap in conventionally, or use a quick rear entry method eliminating the annoyance of sitting down to strap in. In 2006, double entry bindings were first released and became a hit on the snowboarding market. Now the ultimate improvement has arrived and riders still no longer need to sit down to strap in!

New for this new Generation:

§  Ultra lightweight aluminum construction

§  Auto lock system

§  Easy entry with a giant highback rear opening

§  Fully adjustable forward lean, straps, and baseplates with no need for tools

§  Rockered baseplates which allow the board to flex naturally, reducing the impact of bindings on its topsheet and giving the rider unmatched comfort

§  NEW universal adaptable disc: 4X4, 3D and rail system

3 New Models for the 2013/2014 Season:
Dual 2.0 Caviar – $310
This is the pinnacle of the binding world. Definitly APO’s thinnest and sleekest offering this season! It includes aluminum sidewalls for the quickest effort transmission ever, mounted on a composite base plate for unmatched comfort and tweak possibilities.
Offered in two sizes: Medium and Large.

Dual 1.0 Acid Chunk / Black Jack – $250
The Dual 1.0 was made to be simplistic, ultra functional and definitely fun to use. With toolless adjustments on every part of the binding, you can leave your screwdrivers home. The huge amount of room available makes rear entry strap in a breeze. This is truly the most versatile binding on the market. With a unique, lightweight and architectural design plus bright colors, you won’t go unnoticed!
Available in two sizes: Medium and Large. And two colorways!

Dual G1.0 Belluga – $250
This is the women’s version of the Dual 1.0. With a women’s specific base and highback these bindings will have any lady riding in style.
Available in size small.


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