Art Fart Friday: Lib Tech T. Rice

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What do you get when you combine the worlds most impressive snowboarder and one of the most dynamic artists in the game? You get the kind of magic that most mortals can only obtain by cutting off a unicorns horn and mixing it with leprechauns gold.Mike Parillo and Travis Rice tag teamed Trice’s new pro model like it was your slutty cousin at her first college party, lets just hope they didn’t cross swords cause that’s gross. Subliminal messages, weird images, bright colors, and an electric kool aid acid test vibe, Parillo inspires the mind to wonder in a twisted dream like state. I like trippy shit; it makes me feel like at least a few people in snowboarding will dare to get weird. Parillo, Rice, and Lib Tech you’ve been Art Farted! trice_graphic.jpg

How long have you been applying your artwork onto snowboards?

I guess there’s no hiding my age when I say 16 years, It started the first year doing a Jamie Lynn, and also some Movement boards and I’m pretty sure I have done at least one graphics every year since then.

What’s it like working with Travis, is he a control freak or does he just tell you to get loose?

Travis is simply Awesome to work with and it’s been like that from the first minute. I feel like he has total confidence in me, (which goes along way) but at the same time loves to be involved in the process of our projects. He has a sincere curiosity for the creative process and all art forms so it’s more like he wants to experience it than control it. I have definitely done some of my strongest work for him because I know that he absolutely appreciates it.

trice_board.jpg 2010/2011 Lib Tech T.Rice You where living in Jackson for a while, what’s the weirdest shit you and Willie have ever gotten into? I can say without thinking that it wasn’t here that the weirdest shit went down, that all took place in Europe. These days in Jackson we all tend to keep it reeled in for the most part.  Rumor has it you lived in Eastern Europe for a while is that because you where a sex slave until you where rescued by Liam Neeson? Yeah, and he killed my Russian girlfriend in the process of saving me. It looks like there are some weird trippy subliminal messages going on in the artwork for Travis’s new graphic, what was the inspiration behind the art? There is a few for sure, Travis always gives me some theme to build the thought process on and also checks the progress of the painting to come up with ideas for putting his two cents in, all the fast food signs, the tattoos on the girls and the logo on the kids hoody are his touches. Little props to his uncles and dad and some words of advice. The theme he set me off on for the 10/11 line was the influence of media on the children of today, knowing that help’s to see what story the piece is telling. What’s next project wise for you? The big ongoing project is the new venture that TR and I started in the last year, which is called ASYMBOL. It’s something special that people really need to check out for themselves online at It’s pretty hard to sum up in a sentence or two, but basically anyone who has loved the art coming out of our scene over the last 10-15 years and wants to get a piece of it, now they can.  I’m also, as we speak, working on completing the 11/12 Trice LIB line and it’s the first time that I’ve done consecutive graphics for him. We just finished the trilogy, 06/07, 08/09, and 10/11 and now we are starting again with a completely new approach to the art, should be a good one, stay tuned. The last and coolest for me is that I will have my first solo show in years at AR4T on PCH in Laguna Beach this coming October, so I’m looking forward to a beautiful and productive Jackson Hole Summer.