Official US Olympic halfpipe team announced: White, Bretz, Davis, Gold, Farrington, Clark, Gold & Teter are set for Sochi

Hot on the heels of the 5th and final Olympic qualifier and Sprint U.S. Grand Prix series finale, the US Olympic halfpipe team has officially been set. Shaun White, Danny Davis, Greg Bretz, Taylor Gold, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, Arielle Gold & Kaitlyn Farrington will be hitting the halfpipe for the good old US of A in Sochi.

The final men's podium: White, Davis & Ferguson | P: Tim Peare The final men’s podium: White, Davis & Ferguson | P: Tim Peare

Shaun White, Danny Davis, and Ben Ferguson took first, second and third in the final contest, with White and Davis’ podium finishes securing their positions on the US team. Though they missed the final podium, both Greg Bretz and Taylor Gold will also be representing the US in Sochi based off of previous qualifier finishes. The 2014 Olympics will be be Bretz’s second stint at the games, and Shaun White’s third. White will also be representing the US in slopestyle, rounding out a team that also includes Jamie Anderson, Ty Walker and Sage Kotsenburg.

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On the women’s front, Kelly Clark— who locked in her spot to Sochi after qualifier #2— is heading to her fourth Olympics, accompanied by fellow vet Hannah Teter, as well as two fresh faces in Kaitlyn Farrington and Arielle Gold. Farrington solidified her position on the team after boosting in the final qualifier and topping the podium with a 91.4. Gold will be joining older brother Taylor as the fourth member of the women’s US team.

The women's podium, topped by Kaitlyn Farrington, with Clark taking second and Teter snagging third | P: Tim Peare The women’s podium, topped by Kaitlyn Farrington, with Clark taking second and Teter snagging third | P: Tim Peare


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