Supply & Demand: Grom Gear

If there's one market that continues to grow each season, it's groom gear. It used to be that only a handful of brands made gear for anyone under 10, and the selection was subpar to say the least. With kids on the come-up now more than ever, a company is missing out if it's not cashing in on the parents who will pay the price for their kid to look the part. Even babies are getting the royal treatment. Here are a few staff pics to keep your kid looking stylin' on the slopes. Just make sure you leave out those ridiculous looking clown hats on your list.


For children up to 3 years old, the Stonz Booties are a necessity for mini's who want to roll around in the snow. How cute!
Usually [$43] on sale now for [$24]


Movement Stroller
The perfect stroller for the parent who wants to remain active and take their babies along for the ride. The sport fabric is water-resistant and protects the tikes from the sun with a UV lining for SPF 45 protection. It also looks stylish enough for the dads who still want to feel macho pushing a stroller.
Price TBD. Available Spring 2011


Challenger OTG Goggle
Now with a wider range of colors and custom straps the Smith Challenger OTG's are a must so the little ones don't burn their little retinas. [$25]


Mini Turbo Board
Made for the kid who's already ahead of the curve. Complete with Catch-Free Rocker, this board will make it easy for your child to get the hang of linking turns in no time. [$160]


Boys Cyclops Pant [$100] Boys Amped Jacket [$110] Can the kid get any cuter? I mean, don't tell him that. He's looks "cool", really cool in this Burton kit, that has style and bright enough color blocking that you'll still be able to trace him on the hill. Suited with the tech and features that kids deserve.


Freestyle Grom Binding
One strap ease and performance. There's a reason why Burton is the top seller in bindings years after year. [$80]


Slingshot Paul Frank Helmet
Protect your child's head before he knows any better. Available in two sizes, the Slingshot will fit the little one snug as a bug, complete with a goggle strap and all of Giro's best technologies. Available in many colors. [$60]


Encore Boots

Make her life and yours that much easier with the Vans Encore, featuring the Boa and Velcro strap for simple in and out. The Encore even has a heat moldable option. [$100]


Avenger Jr. Mitt

Dakine makes some of the best gloves for adults and that transfers to kiddie as well. These little mitts will protect to the fullest with Gore-Tex waterproof technology. No more wringing out mitts every hour. Now as far as not getting your mini to lose them, well I can't help you there. [$30]


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