If you are like us, the itch has already settled in. Maybe it started when you first saw an advertisement for a winter tent-sale at your local shop. Perhaps it was the first sign of colder nights on the horizon, or maybe the ever so subtle loss of those precious daylight hours. Regardless, we’ve had enough of summer and we’re ready to welcome winter with open arms.

However, if you’re like the majority of riders, you live in an urban environment, somewhere other than a mountain town, and you have to travel to take turns once the snow finally arrives. If that sounds like you, consider a new means to riding this season and get more for less with the Mountain Collective pass. After all, there is a lot more to being ready than just re-watching all of your favorite movies, dusting off all of that gear, and making sure those boots still fit. Opening day is right around the corner and it’s important you’re ready, pass in hand.

Below, we’ve outlined 11 things you need to know about the Mountain Collective program and why it’s an ideal season pass solution for the travel-oriented resort snowboarder.

Featured image: Ashley Rosemeyer


11. By the numbers, the Mountain Collective pass provides access to: 56,283 rideable acres of terrain, 44 mountains, 481 lifts, 2,818 trails, and 6,831 inches of annual snowfall.

the mountain collective
Big numbers, even bigger riding. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective

10. Join to receive two days of riding at each of the North American resorts included in the Mountain Collective, featuring locations like Snowbird, Jackson Hole, and Revelstoke.

The more you explore, the better snow you find. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective/ Ian Houghton

9. You’ll also get two days at each of the Mountain Collective’s international partners: Chamonix, France; Valle Nevado, Chile; Hakuba Valley and Niseko United, Japan.

You don’t want to pass on this experience. Photo: Courtesy of Valle Nevado

8. Reserve lodging through the Mountain Collective during your stay at any one of the participating resorts and receive up to 25-percent off the original booking price.

Discounted lodging comes standard for Mountain Collective pass holders. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective/ Ian Houghton

7. Explore all new locations during the 2017/18 season, including Snowbasin Resort, Utah, Sugarbush, VT, Niseko United, Japan.

You won’t know how great the East Coast’s woods are until you experience them yourself. Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer

6. Add additional days of riding to your trip for half off the price of a single-day lift ticket

When the snow is this good, you won’t want to leave. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective

5. Use your Mountain Collective pass at any resort, anytime throughout the winter.

No blackout dates, no restrictions. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective

4. On average, the Mountain Collective pass will pay for itself after only four days of riding, leaving you with 28 more days to shred, “for free.”

veryone needs more of this. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective/ Chris Burkard
Everyone needs more of this. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective/ Chris Burkard

3. Each Mountain Collective pass holder gets a complimentary 1-year Protect Our Winters membership, which empowers climate activism, gets you access to special events, exclusive publications, and gives you karma points for the future of snowboarding.

It’s time we start actively protecting views like these. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective

2. Double down on your ski days by hitting multiple mountains in one trip. New this season, enjoy two days each at Banff Sunshine and Lake Louise.

Twice the days– twice the experience. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective

1. Mountain Collective passes are only $489, while supplies last. Kids passes are just $99.

More family fun for cheaper. It’s a no-brainer. Photo: Courtesy of Mountain Collective

Learn more about the Mountain Collective pass, here.