This list is from a far inferior magazine of course, but I figured we could discuss it.Here’s their top 20.

20. Tom Burt
19.Todd Richards (congrats by the way)
18. Jeff Brushie
17. Damian Sanders
16. Jeremy Jones (jib)
15. Danny Kass
14. Johan Olofsson
13. Travis Rice
12. Jp Walker
11. Ingemar Backman
10. Noah Salasnek
09. Devun Walsh
08. Kevin Jones
07. Terry Kidwell
06. Shaun Palmer
05. Shaun White
04. Peter Line
03. Craig Kelly
02. Jamie Lynn
01. Terje Haakonsen

I actually think it’s a pretty decent list.
I would have liked to see Travis Parker somewhere on it though.
He made FUN the new black.