Ryan Wachendorfer

Highlights from Dew Tour? Why write about them when you can just watch them? Ayumu boosting out the pipe in a snow storm… 11-year-old Patti Zhou saying she is going to buy her coach some tequilla….Benny Milam transferring from rail to rail in streetstyle… Gaon keeping her too-young-for-a-drivers-license dominance rolling in the superpipe… Alexis Roland going back-to-back. See? Not that exciting. Just scroll down and watch it all. Results are in the captions but if you can’t read the fine print we have it listed at the very bottom.  

Streetstyle – 
1. M: Nate Haust W: Alexis Roland
2. M: Benny Milam W: Egan Wint
3. M: Dylan Alito   W: Maria Thomsen

Superpipe – 
1. M: Ayumu Hirano W: Gaon Choi
2. M: Taylor Gold   W: Patti Zhou
3. M: Raibu Katayama  W: Bea Kim