61 and Not Done: Kelly Clark gets GRILLED

Photo: Susie Floros

Kelly Clark won her 61st halfpipe contest at the 2013 Burton US Open in Vail. This marks more contest wins than any snowboarder ever, since the inception of snowboarding. Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Craig Kelly, Ross Powers, you name the rider, Kelly has their record beat. Kelly Clark is not just a snowboarder, but an elite athlete who has her eye on the prize at Sochi 2014.

Congrats on 61 halfpipe wins, truly amazing! What is your secret to so many halfpipe victories?
It’s wild to think I have stood on top spot of the podium 61 times. I can truly say that I don’t get my identity from what I do. I think that has helped me be successful and maintain motivation. It has also helped me be consistent and still enjoy it after 15 years of competing. Also, I just love what I do, and at the end of the day I think that has contributed the most to my career.

What drives you?
I like that you can never arrive in snowboarding. No matter how many events you win, you will never be the best. It is always progressing and changing, and in order to stay on top you have to change and progress with it. I love being continually challenged and I love pushing myself, meshing the lines of what has been done and what has never been done.

Photo: Tim Peare

What are your goals moving forward?
Moving forward I have simple trick goals, and I am looking to make my 4th Olympic team next year. It’s all about my own bar, and raising it higher and higher. Big picture, I hope to look back on my career and see that the snowboarding industry is better because I was a part of it.

What snowboarding trick / moment / rider has impressed you recently?
It has been fun watching Ayumu ride pipe this year. It is rad that he is under 100lbs and goes bigger than most, it is a good reminder that efficiency goes a long way.

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Most fun snowboarding trick?
Methods, all day, every day.

Best pow day so far this year?
Over Christmas in Mammoth we got 6 feet in 7 days, every day was better than the last. I got the Paranoids pretty good and then Hemlocks were insane, day after day.

What are you listening to?
Santi… I am still pumped on her from the concert at the US Open.

Last book you read?
I am reading a book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” I go back and forth between fiction novels and personal development books.

Photo: Tim Peare

5 things you never leave home without?
Travel pillow, kindle, phone charger, sunnies and my slippers.

Favorite restaurant?
In-N-Out… or my parents place.

Favorite Instagram account to follow?
@Tmophotos – He is a photog out of Aspen that tagged me in a photo from X Games. Check it out, his photos are pretty awesome.

Sum up how snowboarding makes you feel in one word:

Where are you off to next?
I head to France on Friday for European X Games, and to Paris after that for a little R&R.


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