686 presents: Mary Rand’s Ride Day at Stevens Pass

After years of having a continually growing a presence within women’s snowboarding, the time has come for 686 to officially announce Mary Rand’s addition to the pro team. And what better way to celebrate a new chapter than to throw a party. 686 and Mary will be hosting a “Mary Rand’s Ride Day” at her new home mountain of Stevens Pass, WA on Friday March 3rd. If you’re in the area you want to make sure not to miss this one, as there will be opportunities to not only ride with Mary and other 686 athletes, but a free BBQ served up by 686 Team Manager Patrick McCarthy, followed by loads of giveaways and prizes.

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After months of Mary wearing 686 outerwear, 686 made it official this week with the announcement of the addition of Mary Rand to its global team. To celebrate, 686 is throwing “Mary Rand’s Ride Day” at her current home mountain of Steven’s Pass, Wa on Friday March 3rd. Mary’s Ride Day is open the public and will give the public a chance to ride with Mary and 686 team riders as well as have tons of giveaways, prizes and free on-hill BBQ served up by none other than the 686 Team Manager Patrick McCarthy.

When asked about the ride day, Mary explained. “It’s going to be so fun. We (Mary and the rest of the 686 women’s team) are excited to ride with everyone and enjoy the mountain together.” She continued, “I want to emphasize that this is a ride day for everyone, not just women. Everyone please come out and enjoy Steven’s!”

Originally from Yawgoo Valley, RI, Rand has solidified her place in snowboarding after winning Rookie of the Year in 2015 and then Reader’s Choice in 2016 due in part a solid full segment in “Rendered Useless.” While Mary has mostly been known for her street riding, she has fine-tuned her resort riding with her brother Marcus and the rest of the Yawgoons and has recently begun venturing deeper into the backcountry. Her well rounded approach to snowboarding provides a great point of view for the growing 686 women’s program.

“We are super excited about welcoming Mary to the global team at 686. She has a humble, organic, soulful vibe that fits perfectly with our family here,” explained 686 Team Manager Patrick McCarthy. “Her roots of growing up under the Yawgoons gives her riding a uniqueness all of its own. The potential, now that she is riding backcountry, of finding a synergy from her East Coast roots to big mountain riding in the Cascades will be a sight to see.” He continues, “We are excited to see Mary Rand work with 686 and grow into her full potential while helping us develop the most technical outerwear we have created for women.”

“I could not be happier to join forces with 686 and am ecstatic to work with a company that will allow me to have my voice be heard,” says Mary. “686 has a deep-rooted presence in the Pacific Northwest, having moved to Washington four years ago and spent the past two seasons living at Stevens Pass I have really begun to feel this presence. I am beyond excited to continue to ride with and learn from all the legends around these parts who represent 686.”

“Mary provides an excellent women’s voice for our brand as well as an exemplary role model for women in winter sports,” explained 686 Vice President of Marketing Brent Sandor. “From our very first discussion, Mary and I seemed to be on the exact same page about not just snowboarding, but life beyond the board as well, including healthy eating and lifestyles and overall outlooks on snowboarding and wintersports in general. We are happy to provide a home where Mary can be a part of the process, adding her unique voice into the future of our technical apparel for women as well as our brand. Continue to check in to 686.com and @686 to see articles by Mary about snowboarding, healthy living and everything else she is into.”

The addition of Mary comes in a season where 686 continues to broadened its position in winter sports. Mary provides 686 with a new point of view into their technical women’s product through a rider that wears her heart on her sleeve and fills her soul with homegrown goodness.


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