Announcing the 2017 Winners of Our Annual Exposure Photo Competition

Our Second Annual Exposure Photo Competition has officially come to a close. With over 3,000 submissions from more than 500 photographers, we’re proud to say that the second year of the competition has again humbled us. Over the last month, we deliberated with tremendous scrutiny over the many submissions we got before reaching our final verdict. In the end, the five photos below came out on top in the following categories: Action, Scenic, Abstract, Lifestyle, and People’s Choice.

We hope these images inspire you as they have us, and that Exposure will continue to act as a platform to celebrate snowboarding,

These decisions were not made lightly. By carefully analyzing and rating each photo’s embodiment of the many components of photography, including but not limited to: lighting, composition, form, line, color, and originality, we were able to narrow the field of potential winners. Those that advanced were then judged in terms of our online voting system, in which more than 30,000 votes were placed by you, our readers. Finally, the remaining photos were subjected to our most important criteria: they had to evoke feeling and inspire within us the desire to get outside. We are proud to say that the five images here surpass those standards with ease.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Exposure by submitting photos, voting for your favorites and sharing them within your communities. For the second year in a row, we could not be more excited to get inundated with so many images that exemplify our shared passion for standing sideways. We hope these images inspire you as they have us, and that Exposure will continue to act as a platform to celebrate snowboarding and the lifestyle we hold dear. Our sincere congratulations go out to the five winners below.

– Owen Ringwall, Editor at Snowboard Magazine


Action Winner: Aaron Dodds


Abstract Winner: Nathanael Asaro


Lifestyle Winner: Pascal Shirley


People’s Choice Winner: Pete Alport


Scenic and Overall Winner: Ashley Barker



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