Basecamp Breckenridge: The Bivvi puts a new spin on old school Mountain lodging

The Bivvi, Breckenridge

Recently, the Snowboard Mag crew was introduced to a rad new spot in Breckenridge, CO, and we feel the need to show it off;  The Bivouac —”The Bivvi” for short — is a mountain style lodge that just recently made its debut, introducing an impressive alternative to standard ski town lodging. While the term hostel often brings to mind less than exciting notions of rundown communal living, The Bivvi is effectively redefining the experience, providing an incredibly comfortable, convenient place for adventurers to stay, all for a truly affordable price.

Hot tub, fire place, fire pit, and a seriously sweet chandelier made of blue antlers; The Bivvi has style. Throw in a location just a short walk from both Peak 9 and main street Breck, and you’ve got yourself one prime place to stay.

Built by Worthy McCormick and Bond Camp, who, after years of traveling, saw the need for affordable, accessible lodging in the Summit area, The Bivvi is an answer to the gap between couch surfing and over-the-top hotels, as co-founder Worthy explains below; go ahead and get acquainted.

“We are a basecamp for anyone who values their time adventuring in the mountains more than a mani/pedi or spa treatment typically found at the luxury ski town lodging.”

The (not so common) common room, blue antler chandelier and all | P: The Bivvi The (not so common) common room, blue antler chandelier and all | P: The Bivvi / Kimberly Gavin

What spurred the idea to build a hostel?
The idea to build a hostel came from living in Boulder for 10 years. Our group of friends were always chasing the snow and trying to get into the mountains as much as possible. Most of us live in Colorado because we love being in the mountains, right? Unfortunately, we could never afford any of the hotels in ski towns so we notoriously crashed couches, slept in our cars, and even bought an old school bus to sleep in at one point. It was this disconnect between ski town lodging and the true riders that spawned the creation of The Bivvi.

What’s the story behind the name?
The Bivvi comes from the old term Bivouac. The formal definition is “an improvised encampment constructed of natural materials as used in mountaineering”. That pretty much sums up our concept.

Where did you find inspiration for the style and vibe of The Bivvi?
Bond [Camp] and I have done a ton a surf travel through Central America over the past 10 years, always staying in hostels. The past year he spent a couple months in New Zealand and I was in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. We both had incredible experiences in more first world style hostels on these trips. These places were a far cry from the old rundown “hostel” that most people tend to think of. Many of them were built in prime locations, sported amazing rooftop bars, and had a great vibe of young travelers. I skyped Bond from Japan and said, “I think we could bring this idea back to the homeland, the Colorado mountains”.

Outdoor fire pit, plus hot tub; no better way to cap off a day of shredding | P: The Bivvi Outdoor fire pit, plus hot tub; no better way to cap off a day of shredding | P: The Bivvi

What is your goal with The Bivvi? What’s it all about?
Our goal with The Bivvi is rejuvenate ski town lodging. The average hotel rate in Breck is $242. We believe that many of the resorts are too infatuated with selling luxury to the fly-in clientele. Somewhere along the line, the true snowboarders were forgotten about. We are here to mix things up a bit by crafting an establishment for the passionate riders, adventurers, and mountain aficionados.

Super-Queen The “Super Queen” room – doubling up in style | P: The Bivvi / Kimberly Gavin

What sets it apart from any other lodging in Breckenridge?
First of all, we are a small ten-bedroom lodge. When you’re staying here, you feel like you are staying at your friend’s house rather than a hotel. We even have a “no snowy boots rule” so bring your slippers. This winter we are starting to do big family-style dinners on Fridays and Saturdays. It is a great way to get people together, have a few beers, and make some quality friendships. Additionally, we collaborated with local artists, wood craftsman, and metal workers to build the whole interior. Everyone that has worked on The Bivvi has put a ton of love into its creation and I think it shows. We are really trying to make a unique establishment that everyone can call their home.

When did you officially open?
We officially opened on December 4th and are taking reservations through our website. The response has been really positive for the first week and we are pumped for a snowy Colorado winter.

What does The Bivvi offer, in terms of accommodation?
We have ten rooms total. Six of those rooms are private hotel rooms, while four of our rooms are modern hostel-style. So you can rent a bunk for the night, hang out with other like-minded folks, and go shred with your new friends in the morning. The bunks start at $45, which includes a big breakfast from our awesome cook, Nancy. Fresh fruit, homemade granola, eggs, bacon, are all staples of a hearty Bivvi breakfast. We also have a big hot tub overlooking the Ten Mile Range, outdoor fire pit to gather around, and serve tasty Colorado microbrews in our common area.

Why Breckenridge?
Breckenridge is a perfect first location for The Bivvi. The summer time boasts gold medal fly fishing waters, hiking, and biking. Once the snow falls, we have one of the best parks in North America, are within 30 minute drive of four different ski mountains, have tons of backcountry/sledding access, and a fun nightlife if your one to mission into town after the sun sets. We love Breck for the endless adventures it provides…

Views for days... | P: Tim Peare Views for days… | P: Tim Peare

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