BearTek Gloves announce new features, set to launch globally Oct. 21

Standing out as one truly new product hitting the market this season, BearTek Gloves has are set to launch globally on October 21. What makes BearTek interesting is the fact that they offer constant connectivity to any and all technological devices; these gloves allow you to answer the phone or change your music without physically touching your phone/iPod—  one model even allows you to connect to your GoPro. Starting on the 21st, the gloves themselves will sell for $100, while models boasting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sync modules retail at $130.

Willie Blount, founder and CEO of Blue Infusion Technologies, says that “BearTek gloves will be the must have gift for sports enthusiasts this holiday season. Not only are they a great present for someone who loves the latest in technology gear, but they will provide critical control for those who wear them…they are a practical problem-solving gift while also appealing to those who are gadget lovers and technology fanatics. With the introduction of the GoPro® camera control, BearTek will relieve the three most said words on the mountain ‘is it on?’”


Check out a press release from BearTek below to find out more:

DALLAS – October 2013 – BearTek Gloves launch globally October 21, 2013 and will be available to consumers during the 2013 holiday season. They are a unique and brand-new-to-the-market wearable technology gift for outdoor and action sports lovers that like to enjoy their sport with the safety of intuitive single hand control. The luxury class gloves are specifically designed for motorcycle, ski and snowboard enthusiasts to provide them the ability to stay connected to their phone, music media, and action camera devices with simple taps of their fingers.

By integrating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities and other wireless technologies into the gloves, wearers are given instant connectivity in the glove fingertips to control their phone, music and other media devices like GoPro® cameras without physically touching them. The innovative design relieves the issue outdoor enthusiasts have suffered from of stopping, taking out their mobile device and removing their gloves to answer a call, change a playlist or operate their GoPro® camera. BearTek Gloves operate by tapping thumb to various finger touchpads embedded along the sides of the fingers to send a signal to the media device that is safely tucked away.

Beginning October 21 the snow glove will retail for $100, and the motorcycle glove for $130. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sync modules will each retail for $100. All are available at Gloves are available in black with silver trim accents and sizes small through XXL.

Maryland-based Blue Infusion Technologies made a limited release of BearTek Gloves available on September 9, 2013. The premium luxury gloves designed with flexibility for practical use, are constructed for maximum durability and provide warmth and protection from the elements. Inside the cuff is the patent pending wireless sync module technology that is the core of the one-of-a-kind finger-touch control system. Once fully charged the module provides up to 80 hours of rechargeable battery life. The gloves include a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy and one-year warranty. By touching the touchpads users can manipulate key functions of phone, music or GoPro® camera. The Bluetooth module allows users to instantly play or pause music, skip forward/back, fast forward/rewind, and accept or reject incoming phone calls. The Wi-Fi module controls critical GoPro® camera functions such as start/stop video recording, change between video/photo modes, snap photos and the camera’s important power on/off for optimal battery consumption. BearTek Gloves are also compatible with Bluetooth headsets and helmets and are designed for easy system upgrades through the patent pending removable module that is interchangeable between current and future versions of the BearTek Glove line.

Product Description – Classic Gloves
• Wireless control of music, phone and action camera (GoPro® camera)
• Removable/interchangeable sync modules
• Up to 80 hour battery life (rechargeable)
• Premium leather glove outer with internal lining for extra warmth
• Light-weight/low profile construction for everyday use

Product Description – Snow Gloves
• Wireless control of music, phone and action camera (GoPro® camera)
• Removable/interchangeable sync modules
• Up to 80 hour battery life (rechargeable)
• 4-ounce Primaloft® internal liner throughout
• Premium goatskin leather outer
• Windproof and waterproof with Aquatex™ insert


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