On beer, fireball, and chicks: A non-interview with the Lick The Cat crew

ltc-inpost Class for days | Taxwood, Mindnich, Wick, Wandling, Jerm, and Griffin at the Snowboard on the Block premiere of “Project LTC.”

In an already outrageous industry, The Lick The Cat crew has managed to set itself apart; here is a group of riders known both for their absurd penchant for partying, and their ridiculous ability to throw down on a snowboard. For proof, look no further than “Project LTC,” the group’s recently debuted full length movie, which is a masterful portrayal of shit-show partying meets super impressive snowboarding.

In proper LTC fashion, we met up with a few of the guys at Snowboard on the Block, grabbed a bottle of fireball, holed up in Thaaav (the official name of the LTC van, which looks like a creepy stalker van on the outside, and a shag-tastic 70’s throwback on the inside) and essentially let the boys interview themselves. In all reality, the following conversation makes zero sense, which, considering how many made-up words these kids use on the reg (thaaav, spoice, to name a few) isn’t really a surprise.

Our gracious commentators, Jeremy Thornburg (Jerm), Nils Mindnich, Michael Wick, Griffin Siebert, Tyler Bello, Billy Wandling, and Sam Taxwood, give their opinions on five topics: beer, fireball whiskey, “Project LTC,” chicks, and Thaaaav; here is the unfiltered, fully ridiculous result:

Michael: We like to drink, we like to snowboard, and we like to have fun. Period. That’s the jam.

Bello: That’s how every article starts though… next question..

Jerm: Hate it.
Nils: Fireball.
Michael: Well, first of all, I’m from Colorado… Coors Light…grew up about ten minutes from the factory, now let me just drink mine.
Griffin: I just like having occasional IPA meetings, nothing wrong with that, it’s just a nice good thing to do.
Bello: Michael hates the beer in Utah.
Taxwood: Alright you can’t hate on Utah, the place is tight. Beer is tight.

Jerm: Wouldn’t know, I’m 19… the bottle looks good though.
Nils: I love cinnamon, I love pumpkin pie, and I love fireball.
Michael: It makes my throat swollen. It’s hot— and spoice.
Griffin: It makes my nostrils sting.
Bello: Michael and I average about a bottle a night, and every time we do it makes us feel real spoice.
Taxwood: I think I’m allergic to it… but I love it.

Project LTC
Jerm: Well, it all started with Pat Raichur…
Nils: Project LTC, I like big butts.
Michael: It’s based off of Project X.. like the movie.
Griffin: The ghetto-ist, shitty-ist, worst movie you’ve ever seen, but also the best.
Bello: Everybody in Project LTC is stupid.
Taxwood: #letscoattailthisbitch

Jerm: I like ‘em.
Griffin: I love you mom.
Bello: Chicks don’t exist in Project LTC…they’re just unheard of.
Michael: That is the worst answer ever.
Taxwood: There’s a lot of them. Chicks are spoice.
Bello: Chicks are also named ‘Sheilas.’ They were spoice and now they’re sheilas.
Taxwood: Shoutout to the sheilas!

Nils: Nils Mindnich’s opinions on Colorado, not Arvidsson. Not Nils Arvidsson. All I’m saying is Breck has amazing tranny — Breck, tight — Never Summer, I love their boards, built to shred
Michael: I grew up in Denver, and there’s a lot of babes here. Goddamn Denver Broncos. We have some Broncos haters in here… my mom doesn’t like that

The Van
Wandling: Oh Thaaav? Thaaav is a creation. That’s what the van is called, Thaaav. That’s beside the point. Thaaav is a creation courtesy of Michael Wick Sr.
Jerm: Reminds me of a night. Late night. Utah.
Nils: It is the mothership of all motherships. It takes us to victory. I rode this boat when I got my first cover… Zak Hale filmed his intro part in this van…it’s a great place to be.
Griffin: The van… I love it and I hate it, and that’s all I have to say.
Bello: The only thing I have to say about the van is… music starts blasting… okay this interview is over, there is music playing!…Here is how you end the interview… the interview was going great until Michael Wick hit the music and shit hit the van.


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