Curtis Ciszek

Aaron Blatt

Blatt is always on the go, maybe that is why he is always scoring covers. We Facetimed him while he was in the Reno Airport after Curtis broke the news of his cover on Instagram. Big congrats to Curtis! We are stoked to get issue 19.2 out the door, which will be hitting shelves this week. Until then, here is a quick behind the cover with the photog that made it happen, the one and only Aaron Blatt. – Mark Clavin

Rider: Curtis Ciszek
Location: Whistler, BC
Camera: Canon R5
Lens: 70-200mm
Settings: f/9, 1/1250, ISO 100

Where you going? 

Is it true that this was your first time shooting with Curtis? 
Maybe, yeah? We’ve ran in the same circles but don’t think we’ve ever cruised together until those sessions last spring for Fleeting Time

Slide through the 'gram for Curtis' big surprise! 

And it was Austin Smith’s idea to build the jump? 
Haha! Yeah, most definitely. 

How would you rate the jump? 
Interesting one… I shot the same feature with Sam Taxwood and Blake Paul, maybe Arthur Longo and Pat Moore too, during Landline. and they hit it naturally. The jump certainly presented some additional pop [laughs]. 

How did the day go? 
It was a busy! We had a pretty groundbreaking session with Zoi and Hailey earlier in the day… Curtis and Austin really drove that session and were super down to help get Hailey and Zoi clips, doubling them on their sleds and giving them priority… big team players. I think this was the same day Hailey got her cover that landed over at Slush, so pretty sick to see Curtis pick one off across the valley a few hours later. 

Curtis. p: Alex Pashley

First day you have shot two covers in one day? 
Oh man… nah… I actually shot three on this one magic day in AK while we were shooting during year one of Fleeting Time. 

Wow. You have any superstitions while you shoot? 
Haha, I guess. I kind of get really locked in on clean camera settings. I always lean towards that 1250 shutter and I like f5 and f9, if not wide open. I hate any of those busy numbers. Don’t like looking at them. 

Considering this is your second cover with us this year, we will keep it short. Any closing thoughts? 
Just fired up for Curtis and I can’t state enough of how much him and Austin helped our crews during this sunny stretch and beyond. Big thanks to everyone who was out for these sessions, and big thanks and much love to the staff at Snowboard Mag.