Behind The Cover – Issue 19.2: Red Gerard’s First Cover!

We can't believe it is Red's first cover either!

Hard to believe, but this is Red’s first cover with Snowboard Mag, as well as any major snow print title. With plenty of cover worthy images in the past, we are hyped to finally get one up front. CONGRATS RED! Adding to his already impressive gold medal resume, he joins Curtis Ciszek, Emma Crosby, and one other deserving (still unnamed) rider for the final issue of the season! Instead of doing another interview with Blatt (photographer), who has put up a few covers this season, we figured we would give you a quick breakdown and keep it moving. Check out his full print interview here! Settings and info from the cover below. 


Photographer: Aaron Blatt
Location: Whistler, BC
Camera: Canon R5
Lens: 70-200m
Settings: f/9, 1/1250, ISO 125

The front 7 can be seen in Ben Ferguson’s Fleeting Time movie, out now! 



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