Behind the Pro Model: Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber

Bryan Iguchi has one of the finest turns in the world. He’s a master of his craft, his riding equal parts considered and spontaneous. He has a level of flow that transcends terrain, though his home base of Jackson, Wyoming has obvious influence.

Bryan snowboards with great intention balanced with a fluid ability to adapt as terrain, situation, and inspiration dictate, so it’s no surprise that his signature Arbor snowboard, the Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber, is purpose- built for reliable turns, but adept at navigating any and all conditions. When creating his pro model deck, Bryan boiled it down to what he knows performs. “My intention was to avoid trends and stick to a ‘tried and true’ approach to board design,” he explains. “When I began working with Arbor, I fell in love with the System Camber. It offered a level of performance that I felt comfortable with in any condition and even excelled in tricky, less- favorable snow.”

System Camber is Arbor’s proprietary positive board bend the combines Parabolic Profiling—a five-radii blend that effectively ensures a smoother ride, with no loss of the pop and power of traditional camber—with GripTech, which is an additional set of contact points underfoot that provides a more direct connection with the snow for an even more responsive ride. Guch’s board also features UpRise Fenders, which make the board less catchy without sacrificing response. In short, when strapping into Guch’s snowboard, you get powerful snap and drive through turns with the cleanest ride possible. Bryan appreciates the “confidence the board inspires. It just feels solid underfoot,” he says.

Arbor calls the Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber a “Swiss army knife” of a snowboard. A quiver of one (in addition to the Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard for when the day calls for a long walk, of course) that is nimble and responsive for wherever and whatever you find yourself riding on a given day.

Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber
p: Mike Basher

“We have a pretty wide range of conditions and terrain to choose from,” says Bryan of living and riding in Jackson. “Most days, the snow will be variable due to aspect and elevation changes.” To effectively navigate a wide array of circumstances in the Tetons, Bryan’s board needed to easily adapt. “For example, you might get some good wind-blown powder up high, hit some cliff drops,” he adds, “and then icy groomers and wall hits on the way down to the slushy minipark—all in one run. You want a board that stays fun the whole way, so it’s a lot of ‘give and take,’ so to speak, in the design process.”

What that means is if you’re standing in your local shop considering making the Arbor Iguchi Pro your daily driver, this board has been tested and approved in a myriad of situations and has earned the Guch seal of approval. In short, if it performs in Jackson, it will perform at your local mountain, too.

In addition to his prowess in powder, Bryan is an accomplished artist. His paintings are beautiful, colorful interplays between medium and vision: spray paint, acrylic, resin, and pencil that interpret the topography he sees around him. For Bryan, aesthetic is integral as both making turns and making art are ways to illuminate the mountains. As it translates to his signature snowboards, the art is always visually pleasing, no matter the direction he chooses for a specific year.

“I wanted it to stand out but not take away from the performance,” he says about the sensibility for this season. “I’ll always be a skater/surfer grom from the 80s at heart, so the designs from back then have always been the core inspiration and influence for me.”

Put all of this together with Arbor’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing—the Bryan Iguchi Pro features recycled steel edges; Bio-Resin, a replacement for petroleum-based resin that reduces the material’s carbon footprint by 40%; R.A.P. Topless Technology, which makes for a lighter and more eco-friendly board; sustainably sourced Power Ply topsheet; and an FSC-certified core— and you have an all-terrain snowboard that feels good to ride, and even more, that you can feel good about riding.

Check out the Bryan Iguchi Camber Pro (and the Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard) on

Arbor Iguchi Pro – $599.99
sizes: 153, 156, 159, 162, 163W

Bryan Iguchi
p: Sean Black/Black Koles


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