Best of SIA 2014: Snowboard Boots built to stomp 2015

The importance of a great pair of snowboard boots can’t be overstated; the boots you wear can make or break your season. Step into the wrong pair, and you’re going to be nursing some seriously beat up feet and a bad attitude. Thankfully, 2015 is stacked with sturdy, sleek boots, crafted with features geared towards giving you more flex, heel-hold, and power than ever before.

Our top picks for next season are lightweight and durable, built with input from industry legends like Travis Rice, Jamie Lynn and Snowpark Technologies; boots that are made to take your riding to the next level.

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Thirty Two Ultralight 2 boot

Thirty Two Ultralight 2 boot

Recently named the winner of the 2014 ISPO Gold Award in the action sports category, Thirty Two’s new Ultralight 2 boot is the first rubberless boot, created with Evolution outsole and a minimalist design that makes it the lightest boot to date. The boot also boasts an articulating cuff shell construction, which allows the upper section of the boot to move independently from the lower half, giving riders full flex without compromising heel hold. Lightweight, with range of motion that can’t be beat; this boot is truly golden.

Vans V-66 Jamie Lynn boot

Vans V-66 Jamie Lynn boot

One of the highlights of Vans’ new line is their revamped V-66 boot, a collab with Lib Tech that pays homage to Jamie Lynn’s 20 year anniversary with the board brand. Vans used Lynn’s own artwork to create the boot, also introducing a complimentary Mtn. Edition skate high to keep the Jamie Lynn shout out alive, on snow or off.


Burton SLX boot

New for 2015, Burton is debuting their SLX boot, outfitted with Ceraspace tech on the outside — the same material that makes moto jackets wind-proof, water-proof, and insanely durable. The perfect protection against the elements, the SLX also boasts Total warmth 3m Thinsulate in the heel, and Sleeping Bag tech underfoot, trapping and re-distributing body heat in order to keep your entire body warmer, longer. From the outside in, the SLX is a strong boot, perfect for hard-charging riders whose boots need to stand up to serious stress.

Thirty Two x Spring Break Snowboards collab boot

Thirty Two x Spring Break Snowboards Lashed collab boot

Thirty Two teamed up with Corey Smith and Spring Break Snowboards to create a revamped version of Thirty Two’s market-crushing Lashed boot. This boot is part of comprehensive Thirty Two x Spring Break Snowboards series, a throwback collection which includes snowboards, outerwear, apparel, gloves & more. Modern tech meets 90s vibes— killer.

DC Travis Rice Signature boots

DC Travis Rice Signature Model boot

If Travis built it, you know it’s good. Rice’s signature boot comes with an enhanced heat retaining lining, and a super stiff upper body, made with AK lines and big mountain fiends in mind.

Ride Fuse boot

Ride Fuse boot

The third element in Ride’s impressive collab series with Akomplice, the Fuse boot is as technically progressive as it is fashion forward. The Fuse has Ride’s new Slime Tongue Tech, which offers better flex, response and rebound for riders, while a new FlexLight outsole boasts better cushioning and dampening, giving your heels and ankles a break from the pressure of a harsh landing. Add in a BOA closure system that helps keep your heel in place no matter how hard you ride, and you’ve got yourself a sturdy, powerful boot, and one of our favorites for 2015.

DC x SPT collab boot

DC x SPT collab boot

DC teamed up with snowboarding’s favorite park builders, Snowpark Technologies (SPT), to create a boot tough enough to keep you on snow day-in and day-out. Whether you’re carving out a halfpipe or euro-carving groomers, these badass boots are as burly as the jumps the SPT crew is crafting.

Celsius Cirrus boot

Celsius Cirrus boot

Celsius has given a little upgrade to its staple snowboard boot, debuting a new Phylon Midsole to absorb impact and keep your landing soft, plus TPU Injected Eyeguide, which enhances the boots overall durability. The Cirrus also boasts a NUbuk shell, a tried and trusted material widely used for outdoor footwear, with a Water Resistance Formula that extends the life span of Celsius’s boots.

Flow Helios Hybrid Coiler boot

Flow Helios boot

The Helios comes in two lacing styles: the Helios Hybrid Coiler, which has a BOA system and Heel Lock quick fit pull integrated (pictured above), and the Helios Focus boot, which has upper and lower BOA systems for dual zone control. A huge trade show hit, the Helios is bound for greatness.


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