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After four solid days being hit over the head with the latest and greatest for 2015, we’ve found the time to reflect on our time spent at SIA and take stock of the snowboard gear that really impressed us, the next-level lines that literally had us drooling on the carpet of the Colorado Convention Center.

On the snowboard bindings front, boosted flex, revamped tech and sleek style seemed to run rampant; here’s a run-down of the snowboard bindings upping the ante this time around:

Editor’s note: The Union Forged FC was added after the published date, there are now 6 snowboard bindings below.


Salomon The Defender

Salomon has revamped their Shadowfit binding tech, debuting a more flexible heel cup for enhanced lateral movement and comfort. The uninhibited movement of the heel cup helps to transfer energy from rider to rail, making this binding a street rider’s new best friend. The Defender takes this new tech and amps it up with a stiffer highback and a solid dose of style. Prime time.


Ride Rodeo snowboard bindings

Ride Rodeo

Created as part of Ride’s 2015 collab with Akomplice, the Rodeo binding is styled out to fit the Ride x AK Helix board, a sleek highback binding supported by aluminum heel cups. Good looks & solid tech, we’re stoked on what Ride is bringing to the table this time around.


K2 Lien Snowboard Binding

K2 Lien

New for next season, K2 has built out the Lien with a tripod baseplate, which adds a hefty dose of lateral flex to the binding that has riders tweaking and grinding like never before. Don’t let the holes deceive you.


Rome Katana snowboard bindings

Rome Katana

A highlight of Rome’s 2015 line, the Katana has an asymmetrical highback, and is 2 pounds lighter than any of Rome’s previous models. A revamped version of 2014′s 390 Boss binding, Rome took one arm off of the binding’s underwrap heel cup and added a pivot mount strap that allows riders to adjust their strap angle for flex and comfort.


Flux RL snowboard binding

Flux RL

For 2014 Flux teamed up with Arbor to create this RL. The RL is a Flux/Arbor team favorite. Also for 2014, Flux created the Heritage collection to pay homage to their SoCal roots. The DS is surf-inspired, the RL is racer inspired, and the RK skate-inspired and designed by original dog-town artist, Wes Humpston. Old-school style meets modern tech. All of Flux’s new bindings have an updated toe strap, which is softer and more durable. Golden.


Best snowboard bindings

Union Forged FC

Winner of ISPO’s “Product of the Year” award, the Forged FC is one of the most unique bindings in the game. Union utilized Forged Carbon to build the binding, meaning that is not only incredibly lightweight, but strong. The forged carbon— a material found in the interior of Lamborghini cars— makes the binding stiff, while also lending it solid heelside response and control.


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