Last weekend, Beyond the Boundaries kicked off their 2022 season with a two-day park camp at Beech Mountain in North Carolina. It was an exciting weekend, to say the least, as BTBounds took the winter of 2021 off due to the pandemic, so the return to one of the crew’s favorite places was a celebration.

Beech Mountain is a nucleus of the Southeastern snowboard scene. Just a drive up in elevation from Boone, where RECESS Ride Shop is located, the Beech parks are where riders like Brantley Mullins, Zeb Powell, and Luke Winkelmann have spent countless hours lapping the towrope. The North Carolina snowboard scene is one of the raddest–incredibly welcoming and full of rippers (we recommend a stop by RECESS, of course, any time you’re in town as JP and Ashley Pardy are conduits of the community). It’s also the home of Girls Go Shred, a community launched by Kristen Gray (check out more at that holds ladies ride nights at Beech.

While a stop in North Carolina had long been on the short list for the BTBounds crew, it was friend and photographer Kyle Beckman who made the introduction to the Talia Freeman, director of marketing at Beech. The ideas snowballed from there and in 2019, the first Beyond the Boundaries at Beech went down, sparking a whole new weekend of community in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Fast forward to 2022 and the favorite weekend of the season finally returned–and things have come full circle as Beckman is now living back in NC and came out to shoot photos of the event. Shawn Mitchell came out for the second day of camp, too–huge thanks to these two for capturing camp. Beech terrain park director Chase Krause and the Beech park crew put together an awesome park stacked with progression features to learn new tricks on. And the BTBounds crew, Christine Savage, Ari Morrone, Kelsey Boyer, Brantley Mullins, Ashley Gallaher, and Kristen Gray, arrived in full force to help everyone build confidence and learn new things.

By Sunday afternoon as glasses were cheersed and accolades were shared, the weekend had been a full-on success. Great weather, an amazing park, new friends, and an opportunity for the community to come together at Beech. “This was the first camp of the season and the energy was magical,” said Kelsey Boyer. “Witnessing everyone making friends, learning new tricks, and laughing the entire day truly is so special to see. Along with the good vibes, the Beech Mountain park crew sculpted the most incredible park that offered flow and progression for any skill level. Raise up, North Carolina.”

Thank you to everyone that joined in on the fun for an incredible weekend. For more info go to and check out See you next year!