Bridge to Skate Charity Event


Pirate Movie Production’s HOOKED and Snowboard Mag getting these guys hyped!

words: Travis Limoge

On Friday March 25th Tahoe locals braved one of the heaviest storms in Tahoe’s illustrious history to come down to Lakeside in Tahoe City and show their support for children in need.

The Bridge to Skate Foundation was created by Tahoe local Chantelle Heroux. Its goal is to bring education and health consciousness to children in 3rd world countries through skateboarding. Bridge to Skate has, and will continue to, make an impact in areas of need in South America and the United States by building schools, skateparks, and playgrounds as well as educating these underprivileged societies about nutrition and exersize.

As the doors opened at 9pm the crowd of charitable locals started rolling in. The $5 donation at the door was exceeded by all and the drinks began to flow!


Tending to the thirsty patrons….


Kieran “KDIDDY” Mcguire and his lovely lady friend Kendall Bahns


Tahoe local Sampson bringin his own custom coozies to keep his drinks icy.

In addition to donations at the door to raise funds Bridge to Skate held a silent auction featuring Art, Photos, and Accessories donated by artists from around the country.


Voleurz Artist Johnny Tragedy’s “Died in the Great War” Piece


Another lovely peice by Voleurz Artist Johnny Tragedy


Some PBART photography


Bridge to Skate Founder Chantelle Heroux put these peices together for the silent auction


Nice picture……


And the bidding begins…….


Chantelle selling some Bridge to Skate custom tees

First on the schedule for the evening was the premiere of the Bones Video. Great soundtrack, editing, and some ground breaking tricks kept everyone entertained while they slurped back their drinks ensuring their liquid courage was at an all time high for the impending dance party…


Tahoe locals…..looks like they are stoked….or at least he is…


Blue Steel?

After the movie rolled DJ IJ stepped in to get people moving….


He wants YOU! To dance that is…..


Getting the dance party started…


And the dance party has officially begun.


Feelin the vibe……


Iris Lazz swung by before her epic journey to AK.


Local shredder Brendan Drury took a break from destroying pow to show some support!


The kids from Trojes Honduras stoked to skate!


Bridge to Skate founder Chantelle Heroux and Voleurz rep Candice Ho


Drew taking names on the pool table.

The night was a great success raising over $1,500 which will be put towards a school and skatepark in Trojes Hondras. Thanks to all the locals for coming out and showing support for the Bridge to Skate fund!


Bridge to Skate would like to thank all the sponsors for making this event possible Bones, Clast, Voleurz, Cilla, Big Truck, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Ink Monstr, Snowboard Mag, Pirate Movie Production, and all the artists who donated work for the silent auction!

For more information on the Bridge to Skate foundation check out the web page here:

Bridge to Skate


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