ICe Carving

A couple years ago Never Summer put their edges to the test and shot photos of their riders carving indoors on an ice rink. This time they brought the concept outside to Georgetown Lake right alongside i70 in Colorado. Putting a handful of their boards in the upcoming 2024 line through the test, the results are hard to argue. Each one of the boards tested are technically designed for a different purpose (freeride, all-mountain, powder) but they all could probably be referred to as all mountain boards after handling an actual sheet of ice. We don’t know much more of an extreme to test to see if a board can be enjoyable down the mountain. Hopefully there is more snow on any run you see this year, but hey, at least you can be confident with any of these if you encounter an entire run of ice. The newly announced Valhalla, alongside the Proto Ultra, Proto FR and Cougar were all piloted across the 15 inch thick layer by team rider Nick Larson to test the cutting edge innovative technology put into the boards at the Never Summer Factory in Denver. Watch the full thing below: 

We dug up a photo of the old test as well. 

p: Provided by Never Summer