Company Spotlight: Coalatree Organics – Bringing the farm to the streets

For many Americans, how we impact the world around us through our buying habits is of second consideration to our desire for the latest and greatest products. Living in excess is the all too familiar American way; a lifestyle perpetrated by mass marketing in the mainstream. But in our industry, many companies are balking at this trend. One notable company that is living the “reap what you sow” lifestyle is Coalatree Organics, a clothing company based in Colorado.

Jake “Charlie” Bessey and Cavin Nicholson founded Coalatree in the summer of 2010. The name, pronounced ko-AWL-ah-tree, comes from references to growing or gardening where the top and center point of the plant that produces the best goods is named the main cola. Inspired by a desire to live a lifestyle centered around sustainability and living the high life, Jake and Cavin look to promote and spread a positive message to the action sports industry.

“We care about the overall health of society and specifically the action sports industry,” explains Bessey. “We grew up in the in action sports and wanted to start a clothing brand that could bring a positive message and quality product to this industry.”

The Organics – top left clockwise: ST Outrigger Short, So-Gnar Pat Milbury Tee, 1 Gallon Grow Bags, Colorway Pocket Tees, Huck Finn Denim

With products ranging from classic t-shirts and denim to artist collaborations, shorts and button ups, each piece is made with quality in mind. The plush pocket tee is one of our favorites as the organic cotton has a softness you normally don’t find these days. The outrigger shorts are super comfortable and stretch, great for someone with an active lifestyle, while the fabric has a dull shine to it, making it an easy choice for a more formal gathering.

Along with great clothing, Coalatree sponsors a number of athletes and artists in different disciplines. Known as The Society, athletes like Pat Milbery and Eric Porter (Mountain Biking) to musicians like Nima Fidavi help round out a group of cultural influencers that support the Coalatree lifestyle.

Society member Pat Milbery

“Our apparel represents a message that goes much deeper than putting comfortable, organic clothing on people,” adds Bessey. “We also focus on what goes in your body as well.”

Coalatree purchased desolate ranch land off the Colorado River in New Castle, CO, in which it brought in chickens, cattle, lambs, sheep, turkeys, pigs, goats and plants to restore the biodiversity of the area. By producing over 2.5 tons of food a year, Coalatree is able to give back to its employees and donate to charity within the industry.

“The farm is a way for us to give back to our riders and shops as well as at events within the industry,” says Bessey. “We’ll be doing organic barbecues around the nation this fall where we’ll bring the farm to the streets by taking organic food from the farm and feeding people fresh brats, tacos and produce at events like SXSW, Sundance, shop demos, Woodward Camps and many more across the country.

The Farm

By producing the highest quality organic products and backing it up with organic food to spread around snowboarding, Coalatree is inspiring people to live healthier with a true “reap what you sow” lifestyle.

Check out the entire Coalatree collection and if you're down with good food, plan a trip to their farm in New Castle, CO sometime, it will be worth it!


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