Deja Vu snowboard

Everyone’s first trip with the guys from Déjà Vu must be a shock—mine was. I was blown away by the amount of dedication these guys put into their riding, filming and the number of tries they go through even after they have already stomped their tricks. I was amazed by how easy it looks when they shred some insane stuff. In just ten days in Japan I came home with dozens of good photos and memories.

(Image above) That river gap was sketchy and dangerous, but Nic Suavé cab 270s over it anyway. The impact was violent.


[aesop_image img=”” align=”right” lightbox=”off” caption=”This was the view from our worker motel’s breakfast every morning.” captionposition=”left”]


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On a road covered with ice, Nic Suavé couldn’t avoid T-boning a small truck cutting his way. Nobody got hurt, but the van was dead. Bad beat.

[aesop_image img=”” align=”right” lightbox=”off” caption=”Louif Paradis gets ready for a kink rail where a cop came to bust him. He somehow negotiated two more tries and landed those two.” captionposition=”right”]

[aesop_image img=”” align=”left” lightbox=”off” caption=”The drop from this rail was really high, but Louif put his usual laid-back style into a blunt 270 pop-out.” captionposition=”left”]

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[aesop_image img=”” align=”right” lightbox=”off” caption=”I scratched the negative with a needle, but if you look from far enough away you can still see Louif’s eyes” captionposition=”left”]


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This photo essay was originally featured in Snowboard Magazine 11.3: The Primitive Issue

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