Sam Klein Dew Tour

It is a little different this year with no slopestyle, but the crew over at Dew Tour put more time into the Streetstyle event with a new name (Super Streestyle) and added a few events in the Superpipe including Highest Air and Best Trick. Oh yeah, and the Streetstyle cash prize is $15k. Rail jams are definitely making a comeback this month with the GRIT in SLC, Heavy Metal in Detroit, and now Copper. We have some photos from the first day of practice and will be covering the contest all weekend. The full course preview from Dew Tour is at the bottom. 

Darcy Sharpe talked with Dew Tour’s Colin Bane after the first practice. “Everything’s pretty darn good,” Shapre said. “Feature one, there’s a stick waterfall rail that’s really fun and kind of the hardest option. On the second group of rails, there’s a bunch of transfer features and big gaps you can do, and then Red’s Backyard shack next to the long downbar is a pretty challenging rail, really long with chain link fence and it rides like how it looks: street vibes and ragged and wobbly. The last feature is super sick, as well. The transfer down-flat or just down-flat that has a super extreme kink at the end: you’ve got to be super locked in and confident to take that kink. And then the polejam wallride is just a big wow factor feature that’s going to be sick to have at the bottom when we have the big crowd here.”