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Disposables 001: Moments in time from Jackson Hole, WY

There is something about winding back a disposable camera and just snapping away. It is a combination of having limited exposures, being fast, light, easy to use, and perhaps most importantly the completely unique aesthetic retained in each image. Not always in focus or properly exposed, they act as a time capsule, sending the photographer back in time to an era removed from instant gratification. You never know what you are going to get, and often the results are far from expected. Anticipation and surprise surround each image from the moment the shutter clicks until the day the lab returns the processed frames.

At Snowboard Mag, we are attracted to each and every one of these qualities, and what began as a fun habit quickly developed into a ritual for each trip we embark on. Disposables, is a new photo series featuring photos from our travels. Moments in time from when we hop on a plane until we warily unpack our bags. They aren’t all in focus or properly exposed, and they aren’t all great images; but each and every photo speaks to experience, and the many fragmented moments that together constitute travel and adventure.

Of course you should still bring the smart phones, DSLRs and the like, but you should also grab a disposable on your next outing. They might be your favorite photos from the trip.

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The first installment of Disposables chronicles our time spent in Jackson Hole for Bryan Iguchi’s first solo art-exhibition at Asymbol. It was a turn-and-burn, hit-and-run trip, comprised of only a brief two nights and single day. We rode powder with Jackson greats Rob Kingwill, Alex Yoder and Bryan Iguchi, and celebrated Bryan’s art in the comfort of community and shared passion. If nothing else, our first trip with Disposables spoke perfectly to the quality of the camera we had become obsessed with. Time during travel is always fleeting and the desire for an extended stay is always a nagging presence. Armed with two crank-action trusty disposables, editors Jens Heig and Owen Ringwall dove head first into the experience, soaking in each and every moment and snapping away every time the urge struck.

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