The Eddie Wall Ride and WCI at Mammoth Mountain

Every spring it comes time to head out to the west coast for WCI & the Eddie Wall ride Invitational at Mammoth Mountain. Both Eddie's contest and the WCI are some of the best competitions of the year. We headed down to check out the action for the weekend. 

Up first was the Eddie Wall Ride Invitational with some amazing features to get down on. If you don't know the Eddie Wall Ride, it's in its second season and is one of the better gatherings of snowboarders and the most interesting wall ride contest out there.

This season the course consisted of a spine wall ride, banked trapezoid box, pyramid to flat box/ wall rides, a saddle tube, and two big wall rides at the bottom – one being a chain linked fence that was an interesting jib for the riders.

All in all the contest was a blast and the guys ripped. From Peter line to Scotty Stevens, the Pros were out in full force to ride with their peers and possibly win an iPad 2 or some cash.

The winners enjoying their cash & iPad 2

Check out the shots from the 2nd Annual Eddie Wall Ride brought to you by Vestal, Bond, Weekend Snowboards, Neff Headwear, Eddie Wall, Mammoth, RVCA, and Hyde Lounge.

Eddie Wall Ride Invitational Results
Rank Name Prize
1. Scotty Vine $3500
2. Johnny Lazz $1000
3. Anthony Holland $500
Over 60 Winner
1. Eddie Wall Sr. Two Bud Light Tall Boys
Best Trick
1. Cody Boan – Rodeo on chain wall iPad 2
2 Dylan Alito – 180 to switch nose press and a switch back rodeo 5 out iPad 2

Standouts: Peter Line, Jeremy Cloutier, Chris Grenier each got a $100 Gift certificate for RVCA

The WCI Rail jam has been a staple for around ten years at Mammoth and this year they gave the opportunity to some of the up and coming riders qualify for the rail jam on some of the natural features in the village.

It's the first time riders have been allowed to shred the village rails and they did not dissapoint. Five up and comers made their way to the finals which proved to be amazing.

The rail jam was the most unique setup thus far at the WCI and it was a fun, yet tricky, for the competitors to ride. The tricks were heavy but the nights standouts were Cody Boan, Jesse Paul, Hans Milnik, and Mike Cassanova with the top honors of the evening going to the most deserving of the riders Dylan Alito.

With a fresh $10,000 in his pocket he had the time of his life. I caught up with him later that night at Whiskey Creek for some good old fashioned jello wrestling. Dylan was graciously buying drinks with the ten percent rule in full effect.

My home girl Allison had that jello wrestling shit on lock. Gotta love Mammoth! See you next season for the 3rd Annual Eddie Wall Ride invitational and the WCI.

Check out the Gallery for tons of photos.


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