The Exposure Gallery & Party celebrates snowboard photography in Aspen, CO

Last night, excellence in snowboard photography was on full display at the Sky Hotel in Aspen. The gallery of photographs we printed from Exposure, our all new online photo competition, provided sharp contrast to a place where discussions of X Games, triple corks, and gold medals will be dominant topics over the coming days.

From après to last call, hundreds of people enjoyed photography from our participating photographers, including our winners Erin Hogue, Todd Easterbrook, Stephen Shannon, Erik Hoffman, and Pete Alport. Erik was even in attendance to greet party-goers and tell the tale behind his winning photo in the lifestyle category. He was also responsible for quality control on the abundance of Bud Light and Budweiser that found its way through the crowd, a task that he dutifully accepted.

Locals could not stop praising the season that Aspen Snowmass has had thus far. Nearly perpetual snowfall has given the mountains phenomenal riding conditions, and with over two feet of fresh in the past week, it definitely gave the everyone plenty to celebrate.

The prints seen last night were a taste of what’s to come in the print edition of Exposure, a volume that features the best photography entered in the competition. Until then, you can see all of the submitted photos at exposure.snowboardmag.com

This was truly a celebration of snowboard photography. A sincere thank you to everyone that joined us last night at the Sky. We’ll see you on the mountain.

Check out the winning photos here

exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8377 The gallery kicked off just in time for après hour.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8532 These dogs were a hit.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8436 These ladies flew into Aspen on a private jet from Alberta. Thanks for spicing up the party.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8594 Lifestyle category winner Erik Hoffman with the winning shot.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8637 Sean Bellerby and his co-worker Reed from GoSnow app were partying all night and having a great time.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8672 Gotta get that Insta.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8594 Lifestyle category winner Erik Hoffman with the winning shot.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8701 Andy and Keegan, Aspen locals, beer drinkers, and VIP.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8645 Ben was one of the bartenders and the Sky, he’s from Minnesota, and has a great mustache.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8640 It was -5° at superpipe finals, but plenty warm streaming at the Sky. Sandra Hillen and Brandon Huttenlocher.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8683 Jake Black, friend, Chris O’Connel and MC Pump getting down.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8842 Ladies love Red Bull.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8756 DJ Flo provided the music for the evening, and he definitely gained a couple fans.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8736 This guy was part of the Harley-Davidson party downstairs, but couldn’t resist swinging by to check out the photos.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8840 X Games judges Sam Hulbert and Connor Manning were both in attendance.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8839 In celebration of Australia Day, Olli donned a kangaroo onesie for the party.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8854 After judging is done it is time to play. Connor Manning and Giom Morisset.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8864 Sam Hulbert was looking sophisticated in fellow judge Giom Morisset’s glasses.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8831 Who doesn’t like a Fireball shot?
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8821 They certainly do.
exposure-party-aspen-2017-ringwall-8699 Stevie and Kelly arrived later in the evening but undoubtedly lit up the party.


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