Hana Beaman

Five Summer Snowboarding Must-Haves with Hana Beaman

From Big Bear to Bellingham, Hana Beaman has done her fair share of summer boarding in between snagging covers, podiums, and a coveted spot (and third place overall) on the Natural Selection Tour last season. That is precisely why we tapped her expertise for a quick list of summer snowboarding gear to throw in your bag if you are making a trip to the glacier this off-season. Fresh off a week up at Mt. Hood with 686 and Beyond the Boundaries, her go-to gear and the reason for each item are below.   

686 Let’s Go Tech Hoodie: The hooded long sleeve is light weight, quick drying and works awesome for summer boarding as well as a sun shirt/rash guard for surfing (pictured above on Hana while hiking the pipe with 686 TM Patrick McCarthy). And the 686 straw hat–gardening, beaching, shredding, hiking, floating…whatever! Just the right amount of coverage and not too big. Favorite sun hat, ever.  

Hana Sun Glasses Photo provided by Hana.

VZ Sunnies: Duh, it’s sunny out there! Polarized for the win! 

Dakine Packable Roll-Top Dry Pack 30L: Water tight, lightweight, and packable. Stuff this stuff-able pack with a bunch of stuff for a quick out-the-door beach mission. Great bag to have in a pinch!  
Hana Beaman Bag Photo provided by Hana.
Surface Sunscreen: Best block I’ve used in a while! Preserve thine sexy skin, avoid burns! Feels good on the skin, lots of application options, and it’s reef safe! I love the tinted stick for face.  
Sunscreen Photo provided by Hana.
Grayl Water bottle: Not sure about the water where you’re going? No stress! This bottle filters and purifies, all in under 15 seconds. Just add water and press. Useful for traveling, as well as hiking/backpacking.
Hana Beaman Photo provided by Hana.


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