For your downloading pleasure: the new ‘Trick Bag’ Snowboarding App

Looking to stomp some killer new tricks this season? Of course you are. Enter, the ‘Trick Bag’ Snowboarding App, which allows users to progress their riding, one trick at a time. The App works as a virtual coach, boasting 96 trick videos and 5 levels of progression. Created by professional snowboarder Nick Hyne, this App is a surefire way to amp up your riding, without shelling out big bucks for personalized coaching. Here are a few examples of the nifty content ‘Trick Bag’ has to offer:

VIDEO CONTENT – There are 96 different trick videos in the Trick Bag. These are all exclusive to the Trick Bag App. If you are Regular stance, the videos will be shown in Regular. If you are Goofy, they will be shown in Goofy. This is key to helping you visualise each trick.

MY WISHLIST – Easily create your own trick wish list straight from the Rail and Jump trick lists. This is your opportunity to give yourself a goal. This is how real progression begins. You can then SAVE and NAME each wish list you create. You can also share your wish lists to Facebook.

TRICK BATTLE – This is where you can take on your friends in a trick battle. It is set up just like a game of SKATE. You can customise the word, but if you don’t land the trick that is set by the Trick Bag – you get a letter. You can play this with up to 10 people. Throughout the game you can see exactly which tricks everybody has been dealt in the ‘Trick History’ section.

Click here to download the App for free.


Need more convincing? Get informed on all things ‘Trick Bag’ in the press release below.

AUGUST 22nd 2013 – Available from today ‘Trick Bag’ Snowboarding App is available for download from the Apple App Store as either a FREE or a PAID Download. Created by professional snowboarder Nick Hyne, Trick Bag App is used by professional snowboarders from all over the world to help them progress their riding, and give them the edge. Now it is your turn to get that edge! Just like how using a shopping list makes shopping easier, using the Trick Bag makes learning tricks easier. The Trick Bag acts like a silent coach, but most importantly it’s actually FUN. You can start on easy features and then move your way up. Rammed full of easy to use features, Trick Bag is bound to surprise you and show what you are really capable of in this incredible sport we call SNOWBOARDING. Trick Bag makes those good days a little better by letting you tick off the tricks you have put your blood and sweat into learning – just like a TO-DO list but with tons of extra features to help you have more fun and progress your snowboarding to the next level. Trick Bag Features are listed here below

RAILS – 53 videos and 5 different levels of progression from Basics to Spins In- Spins Out.
JUMPS – 31 videos and 10 different levels of progression from Straight Air Grabs and 180s through to 720s and ONE FOOT 540s.
GRAB CHALLENGE – Sick of spinning? Don’t spin then! 12 detailed videos from Straight Airs to Canadian Bacons..Canadian what? The Grab Challenge requires no terrain park, no special set-up, nothing but a little bit of freaky deaky arm action and a wedge of snow to boost off.
MY LANDED LIST – This is where all of the tricks you have landed from the Trick Bag end up. It is an awesome way to see where all of your hard work has gone as your list expands.
REPORT CARD – In here, all of the Rail and Jump tricks are broken into their levels – from Basics to Bonus. A score is given to show exactly how far through each level you are tracking. Ie. Regular Jumps – Basics – 4/6.
TRICK SCRAMBLE – Can’t decide which trick to try next? Put your faith in the ‘Trick Scramble’. You decide exactly which kind of tricks you want scrambled and the ‘Trick Scramble’ spits out an option. There are NO repeats and each trick pops out in list form above the previous trick creating a ‘Scramble History’. Better still, just by tapping each trick’s name, you have a video link to help you envisage each trick before attempting it.
DOWNLOAD – You can download the trick videos right to your iPhone so you don’t need cellphone reception or Wi-Fi to help you visualise each trick you want to learn. This is ideal for up the mountain at your favourite feature or jump. To save you space on your phone, you can download as many or as few trick levels as you please.

Having video to guide you through each step of the way, the Trick Bag makes growing your trick list easier than ever. Trick Bag makes those good days a little better by letting you tick off the tricks you have put your blood and sweat into learning! By choosing to download and install this app you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any injuries, property damage, losses or death relating to the use of this App. Start now and get stoked on making your way up through the levels. This is the beginning of YOU becoming a better snowboarder!


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