Fourth Annual Gremlinz Games in North Lake Tahoe

The 4th annual Gremlinz Games went down this Sunday at Donner ASI in North Lake Tahoe. It’s a time I look forward to every year. The sun is out, no one is stressing about video parts and the transition from winter into spring is in full effect. When I arrived, the only person at the site was Silver Serino but that would change fast. The Gremlinz are a resourceful bunch and took what little snow there was and created a course filled with Banked turns, cliff drops, step-ups, tree gaps, hips, qp’s, gap to hips… You name it, it was there. There were so many lines to get creative on. Silver was the first shredder to take on the course and he noted that the banked turn was full G force insane. Andrew Brewer started to put together creative lines like the cliff drop to banked turn to hip. At some point someone handed me a brownie, which I ate. Life can change in an instant and often does. Jeremy Landy, more affectionately know as Lemi, took on the banked turn and got shot out to the rocks and suffered a severe trauma to his head. Christopher Cushman and Jeffrey Sponzo were on the site and assisting Lemi and maintaining order. From the injury sustained, it became obvious that flight would be necessary. I went to set up an LZ pad for the helicopter. I started to grab needles to make an X in the flattest and widest zone I could find with the help Silver Serino and Andrew Brewer. Andrew had the great idea to grab a shovel and make the X out of snow. All in all, it was a best case scenario and the care flight showed up and got Lemi in the air and to the hospital to get the help he needed.

After the heli had gone, Terry Mane, got the crowd back into the festivities, which was a tall order, and the day was dedicated to Lemi. He had done so much in building the course, that the homies carried on and rode for him. It was after all the adrenaline had worn off that I remembered that brownie. For the rest of the day, I walked around aimlessly trying my best to take photos, haha. All in all, considering the fact that Lemi was seriously injured, it was a good day and the homies rode hard and people had a good time. It was great seeing homies like Jordan Wells, Shayne Sayers, Chris Cushman, Jay Quintin from Smokin Snowboards, Sponzo, Niko Cioffi, Tyler Lynch, Andrew Parsons, Ben Birk and Jason Tackitt amongst others. It’s in times like these that I realize that we are surrounded by quality individuals and that when life happens, we’ll have the friends there to help us out.

Lemi is now in stable condition at the hospital and a fundraiser has been created to help offset the medical bills had been set up. You can find the info here:

If you can, please help out a good dude get back on his feet.


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