Frames: A photo essay from High Cascade Session One

Shot on an OlympusXA with Portra400 film

Every June, even though your boots barely have enough time to dry out, Session One at High Cascade kicks off summer camp for the people of snowboarding. Palmer Glacier is covered with a good amount of snow and you can take full laps through the Mile, although summer weather on Mt. Hood during June is still confused about what it is supposed to do.

This session we had it all. We didn’t know if it would rain, snow, get hot and sunny, or if clouds would roll over to dissipate heat from the glacier. After a few inches of fresh snow within the first two days of camp, we found ourselves lost in a science museum learning about hurricanes on Jupiter with enough power to destroy three earths and snuck in bowl laps between rainstorms. Then came the sun. Summer had official arrived at Mt. Hood.


When Austin Smith slides onto the glacier, there is bound to be a good time.

The great summer pilgrimage, an annual event of heading to the slushy paradise built from the hard work of the High Cascade diggers. This summer they really have outdone themselves by building—what I believe is—the funnest summer park to date. Top to bottom transition with mini pipes, quarter pipes, super pipes, and steel pipes allow for maximum airtime and surf possibilities with a little metal in between.


Erik Leon, always stoked.

Flashbacks of Peter Line’s gargantuan quarterpipe air at the Abominable Snow Jam flew through my mind at I watched everyone send it on the QP at the bottom of the rope tow. Mike Rav graced us with his flips, spins and plants all over the glacier, leaving us inspired and energized to let loose. Erik Leon and Austin Smith were dropping in halfway down the super pipe to see how high they could get on their frontside hits. Max Tokunaga left no rail untouched flowing top to bottom lines with his smooth skate style. When I wasn’t getting hit in the face by dodgeballs or eating Cobra Dogs I was enjoying the park’s endless transition, and even played a game of snow in the mini pipe with Erik, Max, Luke, and Rave.


When you’re done reading this, I encourage you all to pack a bag, wax your dried-out snowboard, call your buddies, hop in the car and begin your own pilgrimage to Hood. It’s worth every second.

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