Snow is starting to fall and Fall is starting to end. Last night in Denver, CO, Breckenridge Brewery and Never Summer kicked off the soon to be season with an Opening Day party at Blake Street Tavern downtown and launched their Funslinger Lager onto the masses. A long line for free board tune ups, plenty of taps being pulled, and a large showing from the Never Summer team kicked off a night of giveaways and premieres for the Colorado scene. 

The NS crew on stage!
Plenty of beers for all!

A “Who Can Hold The Board The Longest” was the first main stage activity (free boards were handed out to those that could hold boards off the ground the longest with just one hand) followed by a few speeches and the main event. Sinister Films dropped their new project, Quicksand, to the parking lot crowd with plenty of hoots and hollers for midwesterners Sam Klein and Sam Anderson. The moment the movie started playing, the crowd stopped all the games and tuned in. That is saying a lot considering there was a mechanical bull and a large amounts of drinking. Iris Pham, Skyler Gallardo, and Adam Homburg all made the trip in to support their crew alongside Matt Williams and the NS office. Alex Havey was the man behind the camera for Quicksand and summed up his thoughts on the premiere while on stage. “I normally premiere these projects with my Grandma, so this is pretty sick!” said Havey.

Never Summer team rider Sam Klein echoed the sentiment. “I cannot believe how big of a party Never Summer threw for us. It was so fun. Blown away. This is what snowboarding is. Big shouts to Breck Brew!” said Sam. “With the past two years being put on hold due to COVID, it was nice to see everyone’s face outside celebrating the coming winter.” We couldn’t agree more. If you couldn’t make it out, check back on Nov. 10 to see Quicksand in full online right here! Add a six pack of Funslinger and it will basically be the same thing. You can also get your hands on one of the collab Never Summer x Breck Brew boards available now online for purchase, or through giveaways coming soon!