Inaugural Rally for Rocker Banked Slalom

If I had to pick a day that best represents what snowboarding means to me, it would without a doubt be last Sunday. I have never witnessed so much stoke for snowboarding in one day. For those of you who don’t know, the event was a memorial for a local legend named Rocker who passed away last winter in an avalanche. He kicked ass at life and left behind an unbelievable legacy on and off of his board. The Inaugural Rally for Rocker Banked Slalom on Donner Summit was the perfect combination of homies, great weather, and raw snowboarding. Tucked into the very gully that Rocker used to shred, 100 local rippers slashed and bashed their way through a legendary hand dug slalom course.

The idea for the event came to be this fall when Brian Sizer held a meeting to get everyone thinking about how to raise money for the Rocker Memorial Skatepark in Truckee. I immediately had the idea of making a rally track and inviting everyone in Tahoe to come rip. After choosing the grounds for the race, a mass text was sent out requesting to help build the course, and the response was amazing. For the next 3 days we shaped and shoveled until the track was prime. My girlfriend and I made hilarious trophies and the stars were aligned for an epic day.

I told a few friends that if 25 people came out to race, then we’d call it a success. On Sunday afternoon after the 100th person signed up, I knew we had created a monster. That monster ended up being the highlight of my season and the most fun day I’ve had in Tahoe in a long time. Anytime that Jeremy Jones, Roan Rodgers, Smokin J and the Gremlinz can all come together and party, you know you nailed it! The course was a hybrid of the Dirksen Derby and the Baker Banked with a little serving of freestyle. Hips, berms, jumps, doubles and step-ups were all included in the 30-second bull ride to the bottom. 13 ladies ripped the course and it was Hannah Fuller who took the top prize. Her classic style not only earned her the Golden Barbie but placed her as the 12th fastest rider of the day. She got to rip in finals with the men! I was very busy all day doing the race timing and making sure that everything was moving along. After the 25 finalists took their runs it was my turn to drop in and give it a go. I don’t know if it was the spirit of Rocker or the few cold Coors’ that I drank up top but inertia was on my side. I squeaked by with the fastest time of the day and took home the Golden Hulk. I was a little embarrassed to win an event that I had so much to do with but my friends assured me it was only fair since I had the best time. All in all, it was the raddest day ever and I can’t wait for next year!  The 2nd Annual Rally for Rocker will be rowdy!!!

Big Thanks to Kellie Wright, Brian Sizer, Danny Conroy, Oldschool Andy and all the DIGGERS!!!

Sponsors:  Spring Break, Jones, Airblaster, Poler, Heckler, ShireFit, Truckee Leather

Top 3 Women:

1. Hannah Fuller

2. Kumara Kelly

3. Taylor Elliot

Top 5 Men: 

1. Taylor Carlton

2. John Murphy

3. Max Tokunaga

4. Tim Humphreys

5. Jeremy Jones


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