While you may be focused on stocking up on the latest and greatest boots, bindings, and boards of 2014, these crazy useful essentials shouldn’t be far down on your list. Check out ten of the niftiest accessories we’ve come across — everything from tuning kits to speakers, cameras to coffee kits — that we believe are critical to a successful season on snow.


GoPro – Hero 3+ Black Edition

Being crowned the most advanced GoPro to date, it is impossible to not have this gadget on the top of your “To Get List.” It features video resolution up to 4k, while allowing 12MP photos to be taken up to 30 frames per second. Combine these features with Superview, WI-FI and Auto low light modes, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a camera. 20% smaller, with 30% longer battery life, and compatible to be upgraded with all of GoPro’s mounts and accessories… what more could you ask for?

Price: $399.99


JammyPack- The Gooner

Inspired by the true OG himself, Lucas “Gooner” Magoon, we can already say this pack is thunderous. This bad boy boasts 3 watts of stereo-amplified beats per speaker, and it isn’t shy of taking some beer showers.  Maintaining a classic fanny pack design, The Gooner is a perfectly functional pack for carrying those party essentials, whether you are hiking, bar hopping, or riding.

Price: $65.00


Poler x Stumptown Camp Coffee Kit

Poler teamed up with Stumptown to present you with the ultimate travel coffee kit, designed to provide a freshly-ground cup of Joe wherever your adventures may take you.  As we all know, a dose of freshly brewed coffee is essential to rise above the early morning struggles and get stoked for a day in the mountains.

Price: $125.00


Remind Insoles- Cush

As a result of boosting 30 feet into the air and knuckling multiple times, feet aches and cramps will surely hinder your abilities to ride for the rest of the day. Remind Insoles developed a ‘herbal remedy’ to help improve your condition, dubbed The Cush. With a self-forming orthotic insole, The Cush promotes proper body alignment, alleviates stress on joints, and helps maintain a posture designed specifically for the hard shredding snowboarder and skater.

Price: $29.95


Nixon – The Whip

A lightweight combination of silicone and ABS, The Whip is  one of the lightest and toughest headphones on the market. The Whip includes a low profile design, with a 30mm driver to provide substantial sound within a refined, sweat resistant package of awesomeness.

Price: $30.00


The Burton Bullet Tool

A tool that can be operated with mittens on is a prized possession, as it will prevent a nasty case of frostbite and allow you to skip out on that tangled tool bench. The Bullet is lightweight and compact while still harboring all the essentials; a #2 and #3 Phillips head, flat head, 4mm Allen key and 10mm wrench with a foldout handle to provide maximum leverage.

Price: $19.95


Dakine – Super Tune

Consider this a long term investment. This tuning pack from Dakine allows you to bring all the tuning essentials from your local board shop straight to your garage, leaving you to spend that pocket change at the bar. The kit includes an adjustable temperature iron, edge tuning tool, an Octane Bar and much more to ensure that your deck is all set to go for a buttery day on the mountains.

Price: $120.00


BlackStrap – The Hood Facemask

Emerging from the boundaries of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, BlackStrap’s face masks are worthy of protecting you in the most severe, sketchiest, and snowiest conditions known to the manliest of men. The Hood sets the bar for face masks, presenting an innovative design with a hinged mouth piece that allows for multiple styling options. The fabric is coated in a waterproof resistant layer, yet remains highly breathable. Bonus: it comes in 28 colorways, set to suit any style.

Price: $28.95


The Burton Beeracuda

Make sure you head to the mountains locked and loaded with the Beeracuda.  You can stack five cans of your beverage-of-choice in the insulated sleeve, with one sitting prepped and ready in a koozie by your shoulder… one surefire way to ensure that the dry mountain air won’t leave you feeling parched.

Price: $19.95


Sol Republic x Motorola Deck Speaker

Pack this deck along with your usually quiver, and you’re in for a killer day full of good tunes and great vibes. Stray from the crowds and post up wherever you please with this wireless speaker, which offers 360 degree surround sound. Turn on the Outdoor Boost mode to keep the tracks blasting for up to 10 hours, while utilizing Bluetooth pairing to allow your buddies to sync up and play DJ. Add Burton’s Beeracuda and you’ve got yourself one hell of a mountain shindig.

Price: $199.99