Gear Up: 5 swallowtail snowboards for those seeking pow slashes

A swallowtail snowboard is the be-all end-all of any rider’s existence when there is just too much damn snow (if there is such a thing).  Time and again, this ageless design has sent riders farther and deeper into the bliss of whiteness. Check out our round-up of five top-notch swallowtail snowboards, created purely for those caught up in the endless pursuit for powder.


Burton Family Tree Cloudsplitter

Don’t be fooled if the Cloudsplitter reminds you of the 1987 Cruzer Swallowtail, because this old school shape is loaded from tip to tail with epoch technology of a Dragonfly Core and Channel binding system. A directional taper shape is matched by a directional flex, meaning a softer nose and stiffer tail for endless float and a defined ride in deep snow.

Price: $649.95


Fyve Alex Fish

The Alex Fish may feel like a fish out of water if it’s not getting a daily treatment of deep pow, but once in its element, this board will have you surfing with a wide set-back stance and traditional camber to handle heavy slashes. In the guts of this fish is a poplar wood core, mimicked with extended carbon pop rods to ensure total control and all natural response.

Price: $499.00


Flow Darwin ABT

In the fight for survival, the fittest adapt to the Darwin ABT. The Darwin’s revolutionary Pow-cam profile offers snap and precision, while an extended rockered nose keeps you afloat. This board won’t go extinct anytime soon, as Whiskey rock basalt plates maintain insane edge control, and a Re-Flex wood core minimizes weight while promoting everlasting durability.

Price: $599.00


Never Summer Salty Peaks Collab

Built with Carbonium from tip to swallowtail, the second collab board from Never Summer and Salty Peaks is both responsive and virtually unsinkable in powder.

Price: $749.99


Rome Notch

Instead of handing out licenses to kill, Rome issues the license to shred with the 172 cm Notch; yes, you read that right — 172 cm. This directional swallowtail missile annihilates powder with a Pow S-Rocker, and comes fully loaded with AirPop Core to add a dose of sensibility to the big stick.

Price: $599.99


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