Gear Up: 10 watches to elevate your wrist game

Time is so relative these days; everything must be done on schedule or the world will fall apart, right? Not if you live a lifestyle where mountains and wilderness are your humble abode, where you can retain peace of mind far from the siren calls of consumerism, materialism and technology. Ditch the unnecessary gadgets, and welcome back the simplicity that watches have to offer. We have selected ten watches that promote both style and versatility— to handle all elements in our way.

Nixon Chronicle

Nixon The Chronicle

No personal achievement should go unnoticed so take your place in history utilizing the Chronicle, featuring Swiss made quartz hands and a customized crown while offering 23mm genuine leather or canvas band to fit right in with the elite.

Price: $300.00

Nixon The Unit

Nixon The Unit SS

Reserved only for the true badasses out there, this watch is fabricated of stainless steel that radiates a hard-hitting shredder but provides crucial knowledge when exploring untracked elements. The Unit offers a 44mm LCD display to clearly see the calendar, temperature, chronograph and much more to keep you charging towards progression.

Price: $250.00

Nixon Time Teller

Nixon W’s The Time Teller P

With chaos taking over our daily lives, being punctual doesn’t always equate when trying to balance work and play time on the mountains. Offering a bold look with simple lines, the Time Teller remains precise with Japanese quartz movement and custom polyurethane bands while offering thirty-one color options to suit each personality.

Price: $75.00

Nixon Spur

Nixon W’s The Spur

Throw in one part spontaneity and one part sophistication on the rocks and you have the Spur intoxicating the party with one look. The Miyota Japanese quartz will stay on dial with time and date while withstanding up to 100 meters of depth as the blackout drowns out the consciousness. Sweet dreams.

Price: $350.00

Vestal Bravo

Vestal Alpha Bravo Rubber Watch

Offering a rubber strap for optimum comfort, this watch can remain on the wrist no matter how big you plan to go. Inspired by vintage military design, Bravo serves only with the elite consisting of a stainless steel case and a vaulted crystal face to handle water pressure up to 100 meters.

Price: $90.00

Flud Moment

Flud The Moment Watch

Seize the moment in the conference room or on the roadside gap by utilizing interchangeable straps to suit your well-being and a 42mm sleek design with carbon fiber dials reinforces attention on you, so it’s time get used to the spotlight since roman numerals were applied to stand apart from orthodox styles.

Price: $90.00

Neff Daily Metal

Neff Daily Metal Watch

A daily dose of head banging is the only way to be sufficient to shred and destroy, and it helps when there is a custom Neff, stainless steel watch by your side. It will take more punishment than you can handle with 165ft water resistance and quartz hands ticking no matter how gnarly it gets . Got to dig too much metal for one hand.

Price: $99.95

Roxy Dutchess

Roxy Dutchess Watch

A classic but modern look can go a long ways that will always have a place on your wrist no matter what outfit is next in line. Keep in mind what you wear since this marine grade stainless steel, five ATM capabilities, and Japanese quartz analog watch, allows you to get a taste of adrenaline. Quite contrary to how a Duchess should behave.

Price: $125.00


G-Shock GD100HC-1 Watch

One that can do it all is a one of- a- kind that can serve you for a lifetime as the battery is guaranteed to last seven years and has a calendar programmed to the year 2099, wonder what snowboarding will be like then. Shock proof protection will tolerate years of abuse and allow you to travel with world time.

Price: $110.00


G-Shock GLX5600-7

Winter still being months away, our need for the stimulation of carving, slashing and spinning are a necessity so hit the waves at the right time using the tide and moon graph. Highlighting a new thin design, the watch hugs your wrist without getting in the way while offering a range of features.

Price: $99.00


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