Gear Up: 12 backpacks to go back to school in style

It’s mid-August which means school is about to kick off for another year of education (or partying) for the wee young lads and ladies. Whether you’re headed back to High School or College, you’re always going to be in need of a new backpack. So our editors picked out 12 stellar packs that will do the trick for you this coming semester, because if you party too hard, don’t show up to class and fail, you won’t be back next year, trust us.


Nike Campus Karst Backpack

If you happen to be signed up for honors classes and have an array of text books to be lugged around, reduce the stress already consuming your life with the Karst pack. Offering multiple options to store your supplies with assorted compartments, the Karst provides cushioned support straps that can be customized to your comfort level.

Price: $80


Dakine Campus 33L

Nobody wants to be the dork carrying around a paper bag lunch with a note from Mom, instead be discreet and preserve your lunch in the cooler pouch. Presented in two sizes, 33L and 25L, this ideal campus pack will keep you chill among your peers while the bullies punish those with insufficient packs.

Price: $55


Burton Profanity Pack 18L

The world may be over when exams come around and long nights in the library are required, but at least you can carry along all the necessities for a campout in the stacks. Available in five different color ways, this pack offers variety with multiple protective compartments for your numerous tech products and can function perfectly for a day hike away from the books.

Price: $74.95


Quiksilver Hammond Skate Backpack

Be quick to beat the after school rush in order to get first dibs at the mini ramp or perhaps back to the library to do work, ‘wha, whaa, whhaaa’. Either way, you can be rest assured that the laptop will be safely nestled in its protective pouch that can fit up to a 17-incher while you cruise around procrastinating.

Price: $80


Electric Manifold Computer Bag

Diversity brings unique concepts to the classroom and that is exactly what this bag does with its lateral opening for easy access as well as supreme organization. Despite its simplistic looks, this sucker has some tricks inside that you might just have to uncover yourself.

Price: $130


Volcom Women’s Going Back to School Backpack

“Ohhhh… Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool” – Billy Madison. Let’s just say this backpack is as simple minded as Billy but it can offer its quirks with ample room in two convenient compartments to get creative.

Price: $42


Vans Doren II Backpack

Time to go back to the basics of paper and pen as well as a authentic vintage style, however, the Vans Doren II Backpack can handle a laptop for those who have illegible hand writing since cursive went out the window.

Price: $45


Poler The Day Pack

Pack everything necessary to get through class and after school with spacious external pouches and straps for a jacket in case of a sudden weather change. This will greatly decrease the chances of having to show the parents the report card, unless you can alter a D to look like a B. Good luck.

Price: $65


Billabong Deploy Backpack

Don’t have time to cruise to class? Strap the board to the bag and hop on the fixie to be saved by the last bell otherwise, “Don’t mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the horns.” – Richard Vernon

Price: $49.50


Nixon Small Shadow Backpack II

It may say small shadow but it will cast an immense shadow with all the supplies you can fit in this 18L, laptop attuned beast. That said, you cannot mistake this bag for its contemporary looks as it’s comprised of a ballistic nylon shield that will survive any adventure you partake and years of schooling to come.

Price: $100


DC Trekker Backpack

Forget the ADHD medicine this morning? Not to worry, this bag will stay in order with internal organization compartments and an isolated laptop sleeve, but it might not prevent you from driving your teacher crazy.

Price: $52


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