Gnu releases its new line-up: The Weird, The Wild, and The Magic


Gnu has released their 2013/14 board line-up: The Weird, The Wild, and The Magic. Get all the dirty details in the press release below.

Near Canada, USA (August 22, 2013) –  Gnu has calculated the physics for moving forward while standing sideways and applied this science through the space time continuum to bring you their 2013 / 2014 line-up. These wild, weird, and magical high tech formulas for snowboard propulsion on the variable planes have been taken from their theoretical forms in lab of Dr. Weird to their physical forms in Gnu’s snowboard factory— hand built in the USA by weirdos with jobs. Gnu’s award winning snowboards with the newest technologies including C3, XC2, and A.S.S. Pickle contours, Easy Rider Bindings, and Weirdwear are now available at retail stores and online


For 2013 / 2014 Forrest Bailey gets weirder by adding the proven the power of A.S.S. to his Space Case pro model!! The Space Case A.S.S. PBTX  incorporates Gnu’s A.S.S. Pickle Technology, asymmetrical, symmetrical, synchronization to balance the front and back asymmetrical build of the human body. Go left, go right!

This year American Weirdo Danny Kass has taken his Olympic medal winning Pro Model to the Xth dimension where he found the perfect balance of camber and Banana, with new XC2 BTX! A tight radius rocker between the feet combined with lengthened cambers running out the tip and tail gives aggressive riders increased control while retaining the catch free characteristics of Gnu’s original award winning Banana geometry! Now with Gnu’s new Liquid Crystal Polymer to smooth out the taco chatter!!


Gnu is proud to add to the Beast to the 2013 / 2014 snowboard line-up, four time Mount Baker Banked Slalom champ Temple Cummins’ new directional destroyer. Featuring a longer nose to keep the tip up in deep snow and C3 BTX to hold solid when the throttle is wide open, the Beast will become an instant favorite of those looking to not be seen. Temple’s signature Billy Goat now also features new C3 BTX technology!! Snowboard camber the way it always should have been designed, the worlds best camber snowboard is a Banana!


Keeping tabs on the Beast, X Games Champ Barrett Christy laid hard into numerous R&D designs in order to domesticate her new wild country pow stick, the Beauty. Like the Beast, the Beauty featuring a longer nose profile to keep the tip up in powder and variable conditions, and C3 BTX contours for high speed, aggressive maneuvering. Barrett’s award winning B-Pro is now also available with new C3 BTX technology, as well as the award winning C2 BTX contour.

Gnu refined their weird A.S.S technology to create a truly magical board; the Ladies Choice EC2 A.S.S. PBTX. Asymmetrical, Symmetrical, Synchronization and Elliptical Camber geometry infusion is the choice for ladies who want it all.


To make the transition from the chair to tear, Gnu’s Easy Rider bindings are the easiest and fastest bindings to slide into in the universe!! If you haven’t yet, try the Backdoor. Your first experience will exceed your wildest dreams!!

Weirdos sometimes need clothes too!  Gnu Weirdwear will keep from looking like the real weirdos; the normals. Art by Pinky Vision, Jeremy Fish, Adam Haynes, Tim Pinski, and more!!


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