Grilled: Traveling in style with Dylan Alito

Photo: Tim Peare Photo: Tim Peare

You filmed with Pat Moore while he was compiling footage for Real Snow. What was that experience like?

That was a real crazy experience. I was super stoked just to be able to snowboard with one of my heroes and one of the best all around snowboarders who has ever lived! I knew he was gonna be charging and I just wanted to be there to help him, learn from him and try not to fuck anything up or piss him off at all.

But, I’m always fucking up, and sure enough after I picked a spot that didn’t work at all for either of us, I locked the keys in the car at 5am! He was pissed making it a real rough start to the trip. After that incident we ended up getting some real good shit and had an awesome time.

Do you have troubles getting into Canada? If so, why?

You’d think so, ’cause of a couple weed tickets I’ve had issued, but they’re mellow with me. I think it’s the DUIs you gotta worry about. Now since you can get a DUI, from being high, has me paranoid all the time. I don’t drive around with shit as much any more and try not to even get super baked before I drive, cause Canada has some sick shredding and it would be a shame not to be able to go there.

Photo: Tim Peare Photo: Tim Peare

Rumor has it you travel with a dildo… that has to make for some good TSA stories, care to share?

I’ll share my dildo with you any day, any time Timmy boy!

The best story is when I was in the seattle airport. I stopped by a huge 3-story sex store on the way to the airport. I picked up a slim 7 dildo and a flip a sista ova pocket pussy for my two homies christmas presents. Needless to say, one of my homies don’t get a lot of pussy! Anyway, I took the dildos and pocket puss carry on of course! The dude working the x-ray was super freaked out. He called over his supervisor, an older lady. They were talking quietly and looking at me like I was Satan’s little demon! I could kind of make out what he was saying. “Is this allowed on the plane?” he asked. “Some people will bring those, and there’s nothing we can really do about it,” she replied. “Do we search it?” asked the rookie. The elderly lady replied “You can, I’m not touching it!”

I was cracking up. The man working the x-ray had a look on his face like he’d just smelt an obese baby’s shit, as he looked back and forth from the screen to the shit grin on my sexually deviating face. Once more he inquired about the contents on the screen, “But, what is THIS?!” he said as he outlined one of the objects on the screen with his finger. The lady in charge leaned in with one hand to his ear and whispered something. I can only guess she said “pocket pussy.” He looked at me once more with disgust and cleared the items through. I went home, and every body had a VERY MERRY XMAS!

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How does it feel to be on the same team as Terje Haakonsen, Jamie Lynn and Bryan Iguchi?

Feels like I got something to live up to. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jamie and Bryan and those dudes are so fucking legendary! Some of the coolest people I’ve ever met have been through Volcom. I look up to a lot of the family.

Photo: Tim Peare Photo: Tim Peare

Do you have an agent?

No, but if I did it would be my man Binky!

What’s music are you digging lately?

Not Juicy J, and I’m about to go to his concert. Shit!

Five things you never leave home without?

My dog, my dildo, weed, a best friend and a quest for a good time.

Favorite Instagram account to follow?

It was @Bowss_howggin but unfortunately they shut it down. Good news though, they just got a vine. So if you’re up on that give it a peep, it’ll always give ya a good laugh on a SHITTY day!

What was the thing that made you fall in love with snowboarding?

The mountain mischief.

Sum up how snowboarding makes you feel in one word.



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