Grilled: Keeping the stoke alive with Doran Laybourn

Photo: Tim Peare Doran caught in a mellow mood, double exposed in Sapporo, Japan – Photo: Tim Peare

Doran Laybourn is a G.  A true snowboarder that will do it for the love, for the rest of his life. I know this because I’ve seen him at the height of his professional snowboarding career to suddenly being struck, head on by a snowmobile. His recovery took two solid years, from not being able to walk, to a cane and now back on his snowboard with a fresh, new perspective. Doran lives to ride and I had the chance to catch up with him during a Reset Clothing photo shoot in Hokkaido, Japan. Here’s what the young veteran had to say.

I admire your spirit, you’ve come along way since your accident. Honestly, what got you back on your snowboard?

The passion for shredding. Straight up. Snowboarding was everything to me before my accident and I wasn’t gonna change that. Still is.

Are you happy with the current direction of snowboarding?

Yeah, for sure. It’s tight that these little homies be fuckin’ shit up lately. Seems like the new kids rip everything and that’s tight.

What has impressed you lately?

The spirit of all the homies who really have love for shredding, regardless of anything, that just go out and get it. My homie Colin Langlois has been meeting up with me a couple weekends here and there after working all week and taking care of of his daughter. He just shows and stacks heavy everyday. It’s pretty impressive to watch for sure.

Photo: Tim Peare Easy style, Doran floats this front 3 in to the deep Hokkaido duff – Photo: Tim Peare

What does snowboarding need more of?

Companies who are really about it.

Less of?

Two faced bitches.

What is your opinion of the Olympics?

It’s tight. I think the Olympics are dope. I love watching both summer and Winter Olympics and all sports. I’m down with snowboarding in it too. That’s a whole side of shredding I don’t really mess with but I’m down with. On the other hand, I don’t want to see skateboarding in the Olympics. It would be wack to see skater jock Olympians.

Do you have an agent?


Photo: Tim Peare Switch method through the trees in Matsuyamaonsen, Japan – Photo: Tim Peare

Best pow day so far this year?

In Japan hands down. Night mission with you, and my friend at Hirafu. It was the sickest snow and the energy was insane.

What’s the most fun trick for you?

Lately, it’s been switch BS 3 shiftys.

Sum up how snowboarding makes you feel in one word.

Snowboarding makes me HAPPY.


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