Grilled: Talking Tats with Halldor Helgason

Photo: Petter Foshaug - Photo: Petter Foshaug –

In many ways snowboarding has reached its limit. Tricks are getting to the point of acrobatics, talented riders are as common as Jazzy power chairs at Wal-Mart, and cash flow is getting spread thinner by the year. Along with being ridiculously talented and driven, survival in this arena requires a certain a balancing act of sorts — and Halldor Helgason is making it look oh so easy.

Not only is he one of the most progressive and fun-to-watch riders out there, the Icelandic prodigy is more than another flash in the pan. Partnered with brother Eiki, Halldor has his tatted little fingers in several ventures, like Lobster Snwobaords, Switchback Bindings and Hoppipolla headwear. To say this kid is busy would be a massive understatement.

Everyone wants a piece of Halldor. Here he is, get your fill.

You have had a pretty explosive couple of years, is there any wisdom that you have learned from living in the fast lane?

Always be yourself. Try your best, and have as much fun as possible no matter what. You’re never snowboarding for anyone else other then your self.

How do you feel about the current state of snowboarding?

Snowboarding over all is progressing so fast, you just have to remember to keep doing your own thing, and have fun with it. And keep snowboarding nasty, dirty and sketchy — we can’t let it become too serious.

Photo: Petter Foshaug - Photo: Petter Foshaug –

Speaking of sketchy, you had a pretty sketch fall during the X-Games, what is your take on the direction of competition in terms of progression?

It’s fucked up how much contest riding has progressed. It’s strait up like it’s gymnastic or “video game mode” going on. If you’re going to be close to top three, you’re going to have to do doubles on all the jumps and sometimes one triple as well [laughs]. I have mad respect for those guys for being so good, but it’s nothing that I have ever been that interested in. I don’t enjoy doing the same tricks over and over just to have them on lock. But that’s kinda what you have to do now for contest riding.

There has been talk about snowboarding losing its “rad” factor, what do you say to that?

Sometime I feel that it’s getting too serious, mainstream and too much gymnastic style with the Olympics coming up and all the coaches and all that. But that’s pretty much just the contest side of snowboarding. I can honestly say that I am not a fan at all, we need more crews like the Whisky and Wildcats crew to take down the seriousness [laughs].

What is your favorite trick right now?

On rails, nollie-bs-tail to regular. Jumps, handrag cork-bs-360 melon

Least favorite?

Triple jerk-flip at the moment, like my plan was at X-games [laughs].

What is an ideal day of shredding?

Cruising a powder day in a resort with a bunch of side hits and a good crew with no cameras.

Most memorable shredding in recent memory?

Living in an RV and riding Keystone in January with Ethan Morgan and the barfbags, such a sick crew and park.

You have some interesting tats, lets hear about them and why you got ’em.

I have the logos of all the brands that me and my brother are a part of on my knuckles: Switchback, Lobster, 7913 belts and Hoppipolla headwear.

On the fuck you finger, I have

On my pointer finger, I have a penis, so I can make it a boner and not a boner. I figured that would be a good way to show girls that I was interested in them, when I was to drunk and couldn’t talk.

I have “Hole” on the back of my leg and Johannes “Thunder” has “Ass” so together we are AssHole.

I have a small dot on my right hand that was my friends first tattoo, we were just checking if the machine worked.

I have two moles that are sticking out, so I made them look like tits.

On the side of the tits it says TCS, which stands for Titty Control Squad.

I’m a fan of stupid tattoos that don’t have a deep meaning behind it.

Photo: Petter Foshaug - Photo: Petter Foshaug –

Who or what pushes you to get after it?

Every single rider out there — I think I watch every snowboard video that comes on the internet, and all the movies, when they come out. From there I get a bunch of ideas and get stoked for the upcoming season.

Favorite rider to watch and their best video part?

It would be my brother Eiki, just because he is my biggest influence and someone that I have always looked up to. One of his sickest parts is the one in No Correct Way. But just wait for his upcoming part in our movie DTF and the new Transworld movie.

What is the best part of snowboarding?

The freedom. Nothing is right or wrong, just as long as you do it your way and enjoy it, your all good.

What about snowboarding can be drag?

Bad trips. Travelling for a long time, not getting shots, because the conditions aren’t good or the weather sucks. And of course getting injured.

Favorite resort?

It’s always going to be my home resort Hlíðarfjall, just because I grew up there, and I know all the good spots. My favorite park is Keystone, though.

If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

It would for sure be flying, because I cant imagine anything sicker than to just fly all over like a bird [laughs].


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