Miles Fallon

Miles Fallon is a rising star on the Quiksilver team; a snowboarder that is quickly becoming a threat in the streets as well as the backcountry. With footage in Fly Away Closer, How Dark Blue Feels, and plenty of other projects over the past few years, he has been making a name for himself while living between Salt Lake City and Southern California. We checked in with the New Jersey native and avid Miley Cyrus listener on his latest filming trip for the upcoming Quik team movie, since coming back from injury. 

Quik sled interview over text? 
Let’s do it. 

Where did you guys go? 
We were staying in Pemberton and hitting the Hurley trailhead. The zone we were in was called The Face, I believe.

Miles and his sled. p: Sam Sosnowski

And this was your first time snowmobiling to film? 
Yeah, first time packing my board, besides my ÄSMO, on the sled. 

But you’ve had a sled for awhile? 
Yeah, I got a Polaris 850 RMK KHAOS just about three years ago. 

You ever do a little snowmobiling in New Jersey? 
Haha, yeah. No, she lives in SLC at Bmo’s girlfriend’s house. It’s red like Spider-Man.

Who was all on the trip? 
It was our fearless captain Austen Sweetin, the tactical soldier Sean Lucey, the lanky but very handsome Sam Sosnowski, the wise uncle Harrison Gordon…and me. 

Before or after popping a tire on Bryan Fox’s trailer? p: Sam Sosnowski.

Who is worse at sledding, you or Harrison? And why is it Harrison? 
I’m the best after Austen, lol. Just kidding, I do ‘neck around though. Lucey is pretty fire. Harrison couldn’t turn ‘cuz he was stoned. Sam was a lil’ scared at first, but learned to love the throttle. 

Who’s stronger: Todd Richards or Austen Sweetin? 
Austen, for sure. 

What you guys filming for?
We are filming for a Quiksilver movie, not sure when it’s dropping. But should be really sick. T. Rice is in a movie with us which is pretty crazy to think about. 

Yeah, how does it filming alongside Travis Rice for a team movie?
I’ve been kinda looking at it like, “Woah, Travis is in a movie with me ‘n’ the boys.” It’s dope. 

Any names you’re tossing around for the project? 
I’m not a part of the name department. I just sled, hahaha.

So is it now your favorite way to go snowboarding? 
It’s pretty sick. And you feel like some Star Wars shit on a speeder.

You always find a way to mention Spider-Man in interviews. Star Wars is a first. Are you a huge Star Wars fan, too? 
I rock with anything that’s dope like that. So yeah, for sure. I hit a spot in a Yoda t-shirt yesterday. 

Any lessons did you learn on your first film sled trip? 
I learned how to make a fire in the backcountry and I learned Austen is the strongest person I know. He just is insanely strong and can rip a sled like none other. I’m too busy getting stuck to do anything cool… Oh, and I’m gonna marry a Canadian chick. 

Haha, why are you going to marry a Canadian? 
Because Canadian chicks are cute and super nice, and I would like to get my permanent residence there. 

And any lessons you would give to first time sledders? 
Rip it and grip it. 

Did you use your engines to heat up any food while out in the woods?
No, we just ate these gas veggie wraps from this place called Curry Cafe or something. People do the engine thing to heat sandwiches and dogs shit like that. We didn’t though.

Dogs shit? Hahaha, what? 
Like hot dogs AND shit, lol. 

Quik family breakfast while in Nelson. p: Miles Fallon

Ohhhhhh, no comma threw me off. What was your favorite trip so far this season? 
Not sure. I went to Japan for a Union trip that was really dope The Nelson/Whistler Quik trip was super sick. Just something new that I’ve never done before. So that was rad. 

And you just got back riding after surgery last year yeah? 
Yeah. It’s been like ten months since surgery. Had full acl reconstruction. They used a patella graft for the acl. 

How’s it feeling? 
Feels good! Nice to ride again. 

Alright, that’s it. Can’t wait to see the movie.