Is Forum Forever After All?

We've been waiting for this for years. Could it be true?

On June 27th, a very casual post by Caleb Flowers featuring a very not casual line up of heavy hitters sent snowboarding into a spiral. Mack Dawg, Kurt Heine, and Jeremy Jones all together at Mt. Hood with some very suspicious looking hardware in their possession. In the ten years since Forum Snowboards was suddenly shuttered, boardworld has waited with bated breath for the iconic brand to reemerge. Could it be happening?

A caption update by meme lord Chas Truslow furthered the excited internet spiraling as those who identify as snowboard nerds and/or with extra time on their hands searched the coordinates on a misty new website.

Could it be true? Has it just been a long vacation? Yesterday, Peter Line joined the fray and was up at Mt. Hood ostensibly filming at High Cascade. Historically, especially in the before times as it concerns Instagram, HCSC was the place from which new things erupted and were go listed and all of that, so a harkening back to the volcano for drops on what would be without a doubt the most anticipated rebirth in snowboarding would be apropos–but also it’s local for some of the major players featured in the posts.

Something very exciting is happening in the Mt. Hood National Forest this week. For anyone who came of age with The Resistance, this the pretty much the best trail of breadcrumbs that’s been scattered ever. But why now? Were they waiting for the world to completely fall apart before saving us all? Is it because baggy pants are finally back in style (did they ever really leave)? Did some sort of NDA just expire? Where is JP? Will there be a Joni cameo? Could there be a re-release of Foursquare in the future? We have a lot of questions but for now, we’ll be screenshotting these Instagram posts and looking through them before we fall asleep at night for sweet dreams while we wait for more answers.


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