Jake Black wins first annual Slash & Burn Banked Slalom [Gallery]

Slash Snowboards’ First Annual Slash & Burn Banked Slalom went off yesterday at Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Howelsen Hill is best known as an Olympic training ground for skiers and boasts over 70 Olympians in alpine and nordic ski events. Next to a mogul course and a ski jump, the First Annual Slash & Burn Banked Slalom took over the Hill to show Steamboat what banked slaloms are all about.

“It really came together randomly,” said event creator and organizer, Alex Pashley. “We wanted to do a banked somewhere, and what happened was Tori from the winter sports club up here already had this course built for a USASA event, so we just piggybacked since they already had the build done. The big thing was, because they run so many events here at Howelsen, they’re having another event here next week so they‘re going to plow this down. So we only had a 10-day window to do it.”

In that 10-day window, over 175 snowboarders signed up for the event. A pretty impressive number to say the least. “It turned out better than expected for sure,” said Pashley. “I think everybody had a good time and we’re glad everybody got all their runs in. That was the most concerning thing,  making sure that we had enough time to run everybody.”

“The course was super fun. It was definitely a quick, curvy snake run,” said men’s Slash & Burn Banked Slalom winner, Jake Black. “There were a couple gnarly turns where I thought I was going down, but it was really fun.” Jake had the fastest time of the day in both of his runs. In the 2nd run, he beat his 1st run time of 28.36 seconds and shaved his time down to 27.72 seconds for the win.

Jake just looked fast riding the course. It was as if he was a seasoned pro at banked slalom riding. “It’s the first banked slalom I’ve ever done,” Black exclaimed. When asked if he felt fast… “I did feel pretty fast,” Jake said. “In the fourth turn of my first run I almost went down, but it seemed to work out alright.”

Sharing the same spirit as renowned events like the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom and the Dirksen Derby, we’re excited to see a snowboard contest like this come to Colorado. They even had a fakie race, which Davis Johnson won with a time of 31.93 seconds. Sixty-seven riders took part in the fakie race!

“The big thing was to show the city and the winter sports club that it is a viable thing and that there is a big population of snowboarders here, around this area, that would be into something like this and want to come and partake,” said Pashley.

“That was really the inspiration for me, going to Baker and going to the Dirksen Derby. It’s always such a good time and it’s such a fun event,” Pashley continued. “There definitely wasn’t an event like that in Steamboat, or Colorado for that matter, and it’s really an include-all kind of thing.”

First Annual Slash & Burn Banked Slalom TOP RESULTS
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Class: M3

Class M3
Place Name Time
1 Jake Black 27.72
2 Justin Reiter 28.69
3 Nick Larson 29.69
4 Blake Eddington 29.76
5 Lex Koski 29.78
6 Raul Pinto 29.92
7 Alex Pashley 29.99
8 Ben Lynch 30.09
9 Davis Johnson 30.22
10 Kit Hendrickson 30.24
11 Rob Bak 30.25
12 Eric Go For It Lod 30.30
13 Wookie Fleming 30.35
14 Tucker Andrews 30.40
15 Ritchie Colasanti 30.47
16 Steve Fisher 30.48
17 Marcus Saputo 30.70
18 Erik VanAssche 30.77
19 Erich Dummes 30.88
20 Trevor Burman 30.95
Class: W3
Place Name Time
1 Tori Koski 30.70
2 Erin Nemec 31.12
3 Maggie Rose Carrig 31.58
4 Noelle Edwards 32.78
5 Phoebe Novello 33.17
6 Izzy Lalive 33.62
7 Emily Robinson 33.75
8 Marcy Neerhof 34.52
9 Allison Berger 34.63
10 Lacey Slifer 34.70
11 Leslie Glenn 35.72
12 Heather Bremer 35.65
13 Tracy Riser 36.56
14 Erin Orr 36.59
15 Katie Keough 36.69
16 Nikki Sjoden 37.71
17 Katie Liefer 38.11
18 Teghan DeLude 38.98
19 Lisa Jacoby 39.00
20 Heather Biewick 39.00


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