The Jeremy Jones Higher premiere at Squaw Valley

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Jeremy Jones Higher, the most highly anticipated premiere of the season went down at Squaw Valley on Saturday night under clear, cold and starry skies. I don’t have an accurate figure for the amount of people that came out but to say it was in the thousands seems right. In the main plaza at Squaw, veteran lensmen Jeff Curley and Andrew Miller shared a gallery of images from the film trilogy. Some serious epic moments gathered into a stunning collection of images printed on aluminum. Photos printed on paper were hung like Nepalese prayer flags and energy was created through the use of Goal Zero panels and power packs.

A cast of snowboarding’s most loved characters came out of the woodwork, from Mike Hatchett and Kevin Jones, to Bryan Iguchi and Mark Carter, to Terry Kidwell and Lucas Debari. The heads were there to support the culmination of an epic trilogy.

Ryland Bell taking in the hometown crowd. Photo: Tim PeareRyland Bell and Jeremy Jones taking in the hometown crowd. Photo: Tim Peare

Without giving away the film too much, let’s just say the content is HEAVY. It’s not your typical snow porn and it involves a lot of back story, triumph, failure and philosophical pondering concerning responsibility, family and a life well lived. It is a must for any serious shred dog to watch this film. The question that remains is, now what? Where can this be taken, is this the end for Jeremy, or a transition into something bigger and something even more meaningful? Either way, it was an honor to be in attendance and watch history go down and close the chapter on the films that have reignited adventure into the spirit of snowboarding.

Thank you Jeremy, and thanks to all the supporting individuals, who without, this would not be possible… and thanks to those who came before and paved the foundation for something like this to become a reality. This is now a new foundation for the future to be built upon.

Watch also: Jeremy Jones Higher official trailer


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