JH PowWow

From March 14th to 18th, the stars aligned over Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. At least we think they did. We couldn’t see the night sky. For four days, seemingly stationary clouds deposited well over 40 inches of snow on the resort and set the stage for an eclectic gathering of minds obsessed with the act of sliding sideways. On the surface, the JH PowWow is an unbiased powder board test with the intention of progressing snowboard design. But at its core, it is a celebration of snowboarding’s spirit. A tent filled with shapes from Gentemstick, K2, Burton, Soulmotion, Franco, Dinosaurs Will Die, Lib Tech, and many more, served as a melting pot of ideas from across the world, all with a common goal of maximizing fun in the snowboarding experience. Among the rows of boards, we saw inspired designs that are sure to turn a few heads in the lift line, and the tried and true concepts that won’t fail on deep days or groomers alike.

We went to JH PowWow with the goal of snowboarding as much as we possibly could. It is, after all, our responsibility to bring you the most informed decisions regarding the snowboards that we will eventually recommend for your own days on the mountain. What we left with was a renewed appreciation for the lifestyle we love.

A sincere thank you goes to everyone that makes the JH PowWow a reality, and to Rob Kingwill for the vision of creating what we hope to be a tradition for years to come. Stay tuned to JHpowwow.com for the full results of the board test.

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Though he normally opts to go bindingless, Jeremy Jensen of Grassroots Powsurfing sets up a new ride to navigate the fresh snow at Jackson Hole. | Photo: Owen Ringwall

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Willie McMillon, renegade OB. | Photo: Jens Heig

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When you can’t see over the edge, all you can do is trust your friends below. Jeff Keenan, the Kwon Don of Dinasaurs Will Die, dropping in 3. | Photo: Taylor Boyd

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Jeff isn’t scared. | Photo: Owen Ringwall

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An uncooperative knee kept Hightide MFG’s Tyeson Carmody from truly charging, but he was still able to put the Grease Gun to some use. | Photo: Owen Ringwall

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Joe Rizzo rides off a cat track on the War Pig. | Photo: Owen Ringwall

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It’s been a tough season for the East, so with pow in abundance at Jackson Hole, JG couldn’t contain his excitement. | Photo: Owen Ringwall

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