Pure progression: Kimmy Fasani’s Amusement Park 2014 at Mammoth Mountain

There are few events that have done as much for women's snowboarding as Kimmy Fasani's Amusement Park. Sessions like this celebrate how far snowboarding has come and how far it can still go.

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There are things that evolve into something wonderful simply by chance. Kimmy Fasani’s Amusement Park definitely falls into that category. A few years back Kimmy threw around some ideas to her local resort, Mammoth Mountain, with the possibility of building a jump to try to land doubles on. She had landed in the backcountry, but it wasn’t until that spring in 2011, when Mammoth backed her, that she was able to focus and confidently test the waters. She invited a few friends to session with her and yep, ended up landing the double as imagined. Three years later the annual spring gathering has turned into Amusement Park— an all-girls invite-only private session, that’s all about progression, celebration and fun!

This year the likes of Spencer O’Brien, Kelly Clark, Possum Torr, Chloe Kim, Kjersti Buaas and other chick rippers, were hand-picked to come out to Mammoth, session a private 55-foot jump and get a chance at getting footage and shots for publication. The opportunity is very special and unique considering that the majority of the girls invited compete most of the year. Amusement Park gives the ladies an optimal amount of time to ride one jump, test out new tricks and build relationships with media and other riders, in an ideal laid back setting.

Kimmy likes to bring a variety of girls together, from rookies to veterans mainly to help familiarize the newbies with what it’s like to be a part of a photo shoot and better introduce to the industry, meanwhile giving the older pros a chance to mentor and take the lead; you know, show ’em how it’s done. Keeping the group small (between 10-12) allows every girl to shine, instead of getting overshadowed, which can happen at bigger contests or events. Kimmy doesn’t want people to think she’s trying to make it this very exclusive deal. She just thinks it’s important to keep it small for what she’s trying to achieve.

This year a Burton Girls Ride Day was added during Amusement Park to further bring the community together. 70 plus ladies showed up for an all-day shred fest complete with yoga in the morning, brunch, snowboarding with the pros and aprés after. Burton hosted the event free with a lift ticket and included demos to try out new hardgoods as well. The pros took out groups of the girls and just had fun rallying around the mountain and meeting new friends. The Ride Day helped solidify Burton’s commitment to women’s snowboarding and the efforts they are making in order to get more ladies on the hill. It was also just rad to see the girls’ faces and see how stoked they were to ride with their favorite pros. The addition of the event was really rad.

This year’s Amusement Park was a major step forward for women’s snowboarding once again. Spencer O’Brien stomped a mean switch backside 720 and Anna Gasser landed a cab 900, meanwhile Kelly Clark threw huge methods and Kjersti Buass brought her insane style. Watching all of the amazing ladies going for it and having a blast together is really what it’s all about. Playing silly games waiting for the weather to clear, spending time together at the Clif Bar house, meanwhile making it about celebrating how far snowboarding has come and how far it can go. These type of sessions are what help push the sport and influence others in the process. As for the next chapter of Amusement Park, Kimmy Fasani hopes to continue to grow the event, by adding various features for the girls to session and do more with Burton to get the general public in on the fun. Kimmy is not only one the best all-around riders around, she is genuinely passionate about women’s snowboarding and pushing it in the right direction. She’s certainly doing a good job.

Look out for exclusive interviews with the ladies and more action shots in the weeks to follow.


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